Khloé Kardashian defends her sister Kim Kardashian against Kanye West!

Khloé Kardashian can’t stand Kanye West’s attacks on her sister Kim Kardashian anymore. So she sent him a clear message!

Khloé Kardashian has always liked Kanye West. But his incessant tackles against Kim Kardashian annoy the mother of True to the point. So she sent him a message on Instagram. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Kanye West at the heart of big scandals

Rapper Kanye West doesn’t seem to mind being criticized by everyone. He has just made headlines again with his controversial remarks during Paris Fashion Week.

Indeed, on October 3, he presented his new collection during a special fashion show. One of his pieces made people talk! It is then a T-shirt with the inscription “White Lives Matter”.

This is then a reference to the Black Lives Matter protest movement. As a reminder, this movement had was created on the death of George Floyd, in 2020.

One thing is certain, this model was not unanimous. Vogue journalist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson therefore said of Ye that: “The t-shirts this man designs, produces and shares with the world are pure violence”.

For her, Ye’s attitude is “indefensible”. ” There is no excuse, there is no art here. she adds. An opinion shared by the model Gigi Hadid who did not hesitate to react.

And for good reason ! Kanye West did not appreciate the criticism of the Vogue magazine journalist. So he laughed at her. Too much is too much for Gigi Hadid who therefore declared:

“You wish you had a percentage of his intellect. You have no idea haha… If one of your shits has an interest, she could be the only person who could save you. As if the “honor” of being invited to your parade should prevent someone from giving their opinion…? Lol. You are a bully and a joke. »

Khloé Kardashian attacks Ye

Kanye West also continues to attack Kim Kardashian on social networks. He continues to accuse her of being a little too intrusive with her children. According to him, shewould then prevent him from coming into contact with his children.

He resented her refusing to send her daughter North to the facility he created. He also has not forgotten the fact of not having been invited to the anniversary of Chicago, last January.

Khloé Kardashian seems en get tired of hearing all these reproaches. So she wrote him a message on Instagram: “ Yes, I love you. I don’t want to do this on social media but YOU keep bringing her back here. »

Khloé Kardashian reminds him that she appreciates him. But she is tired of hearing him speak ill of his family: You are the father of my nephews and nieces and I try to be respectful towards you.(…)

Before continuing: But please stop dragging Kim down by using our family when you want to deviate. Leave her alone Again, the birthday tale, we all know the truth and in my opinion, everyone is fed up. »

Kanye West reacted immediately! According to him, Khloé Kardashian continues to lie, like her family… These stories are therefore not going to get better anytime soon!

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