Khloé Kardashian: why did she photoshop her 4-year-old daughter?

On April 12, Khloé Kardashian went to Disneyland to celebrate the 4th birthday of her daughter, True. As usual, the reality star shared in an Instagram story a few moments of this lovely moment spent with the family. She then confided that it was True’s first visit to the California amusement park. A little phrase that has not gone unnoticed by his fans.

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A montage to protect his sister

Indeed, last December, True Thompson had already appeared in pictures taken at Disneyland with her cousin, Chicago, the daughter of Kim Kardashian. At the time, several people had mentioned the possibility of a photo-montage. The reason ? Budding investigators thought it was not True but Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi, who posed that day with her cousin. An appearance that could have gone wrong a few weeks after the tragedy at the Astroworld festival. At a Travis Scott concert, eight people died after a crowd movement. That day, Kylie Jenner was in the audience and was accused of not reacting. By replacing Stormi’s face with that of True, Khloé Kardashian would have avoided any controversy for her little sister.

If she did not confirm that the reason for which she had edited the photos, Khloé Kardashian however admitted on Twitter to have used Photoshop after a user challenged her on the subject: ““Well… We have kinda screwed up on these. Never mind. Let’s focus on something else. Our new show is coming in a few days. This April 14, 2022, the first episode of the new family reality show, entitled “The Kardashians”, is indeed available on Disney +.

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