Khloe Kardashian’s comments mocked in KUWTK clip resurfaces

After The Kardashians The season finale brought Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal back into the spotlight, with fans mocking Khloe for comments she made about cheating in a resurfaced keeping up with the Kardashians clip. In the season finale, fans got a behind-the-scenes look at the scandal that first broke in early December. At the time, fans only knew that Tristan was the father of personal trainer Maralee Nichols’ baby and that at the time of conception, Tristan was dating Khloe. On the reality series, Khloe often told her sisters that Tristan had grown so much and the two had formed a strong friendship while co-parenting their four-year-old daughter, True Thompson. The Good American founder seemed confident that she and Tristan would give their relationship another shot.

However, things fell apart when news of the paternity broke and Khloe took the scandal very seriously. The star even told her sister Kendall Jenner that she passed out from all the stress she was under. According to the episode, Tristan slept with Maralee the night of his 30th birthday, which Khloe arranged for him. Kim learned the news first and quickly informed her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, while Khloe was still sleeping and not returning Kim’s phone calls. The scene looked a lot like the KUWTK scene where the family first discovered Tristan’s cheating.

Now the fans are talking about another KUWTK clip where Khloe’s comments to Kourtney seem to have backfired. “Review KUWTK and couldn’t stand this irony of khloe’s words,” wrote Reddit user Repulsive_Flower5874. The user also shared the clip which shows Kourtney talking to her younger sister about the relationship drama with her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. Khloe doesn’t have much sympathy for Scott in the clip, and when her sister labels him a man who hates, Khloe responds, “No I’m not. I don’t let people fuck me, and when you cheat on me, you’re gone. You’re not going to do it again and again and again. I’m sorry, that’s not normal, that’s not respect, that’s not what boyfriends do to their girlfriends.

Oh yuck it hasn’t aged well,” user CodePen3190 pointed out. Despite Khloe’s comments, The Kardashians star contradicted his statement with Tristan. The NBA player cheated on Khloe on several occasions, one of them being with Kylie’s ex-best friend Jordan Woods, but Khloe kept giving him one chance after another in hopes. that they would fix things. This isn’t the first time fans have called Khloe out about a KUWTK clip. In a scene where Kim was complaining about her then-husband Kanye West, Khloe sided with Kanye and fans felt it was a reflection of her own morals. Fans believe Khloe always puts her significant other first no matter what they’ve done wrong and has no boundaries or self-respect.

While there’s no way Khloe could predict her future when she made those comments, she might have benefited from revisiting the clip after Tristan cheated the first time around. Her comments definitely make her sound like a hypocrite, and maybe it’s time for her to apologize to Kourtney for not hearing her in the scene. Fans will probably never let Khloe go through this, but hopefully she takes her own advice this time and ends her roller coaster relationship with Tristan for good. The Kardashians star made some good points in the resurfaced clip, and while she may have gone against her own morals in the past, it’s never too late for Khloe to change her way of thinking.

Source: Repulsive_Flower5874/Reddit, CodePen3190/Reddit

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