Kim Kardashian: a stalker threatens to make a bomb attack against her

Kim Kardashian is again threatened. This Friday, May 20, the media TMZ revealed that the American influencer had received death threats through several very disturbing letters.

Kim Kardashian is regularly the target of threats. Stalked by unscrupulous photographers, the companion of Pete Davidson struggles to have a stable life. In 2013, the American influencer spoke on her Twitter account to rebel against the paparazzi. “I didn’t want to let the paparazzi take a picture of me today and they threatened my life saying if I kept blocking the pictures they would make my world a dangerous place! Yesterday four cars blocked me . It’s really scary to see that they are legally allowed to do this, she wrote, mad with rage. A few days later, the half-sister of Kylie Jenner spoke again to denounce the harassment she sufferedrevealing, at the same time, the hateful messages that she was continually receiving. “There is no excuse for threats and harassment. I am constantly being stalked. Let me enjoy my life”concluded Kim Kardashian, at the end of her tether.

Kim Kardashian receives disturbing letters

This Friday, May 20, 2022, the media TMZ has made disturbing new revelations about Kim Kardashian. The American media revealed that Kanye West’s ex-wife received several letters threatening her with death. But that’s not all. Whoever wrote these letters is allegedly threatening to blow up Kim Kardashian’s office with a bomb. His lawyer, Mr. Shawn Holley, has filed a complaint against a certain David Resendizan American, who would have managed to obtain the personal and professional address of the influencer. TMZ reveals that the American would have sent more than 80 letters to the mother of the familyeach more threatening than the other. “He threatened me several times. He made completely strange sexual references about me”, the businesswoman told her lawyer.

On April 25, Kim Kardashian received a letter that said her offices were going to be bombed. TMZ reveals that the influence would have died of worry: “She fears for her safety and that of her family. She is afraid that Resendiz will attack her. She has asked that her detractor not approach her within a radius of 100 meters”.

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