Kim Kardashian Filed a Restraining Order Against Her Creepy Stalker

kim kardashian adds to her list of controversies the harassment she has been subjected to by a fan who is obsessed with her to the point that she refers to the influencer as her “wife” and even sent her a diamond ring, in addition to him He has appeared several times at his house.

He was given a temporary restraining order

For the above, Kim has had to ask the authorities for a temporary restraining order against Jomonie Victor Zigler who, according to the portal TMZcontact kardashians for the first time last December, when he went to her house several times and posted on social media. The media various things about her.

Although the times that this person showed up at his house, he was detained by the security of Kim he fears for his safety and that of his children, for which reason he requested the order to keep him away.

The lawyer of Kardashian, Shawn Holleywas the one who presented the documents for the restraining order, where he details that zigler has sent items to her home, including a diamond ring and keys to a hotel room, where she supposedly wanted to have a meeting. with her.

The harasser has a criminal record

The lawyer adds that this subject already has a criminal record, in which he has been accused of carrying firearms, threats and causing emotional stress to people.

Therefore, a judge granted the precautionary measure against zigler28, awaiting an audience with him, scheduled for February.

This is not the first time that Kim obtains a restraining order against a stalker, since in 2021 something similar happened against Charles Peter Zelenoff, who was equally obsessed with her. The restraining order against you is for 3 years, but kardashians he wants to extend it and make it permanent.

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