Kim Kardashian is launching her own range of home accessories!

Kim Kardashian connects the projects and develops more and more all its business. She even creates her lifestyle brand for the house.

Kim Kardashian is never shy, nothing scares her. Indeed, after SKKY Partners, it will launch its line of home accessories. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

An endless empire?

Kim Kardashian knew create an empire out of yourself. Starting with the way she made herself known. But, also in relation to his frequentations, like Paris Hilton or even Kanye West.

Indeed, these two people encouraged consciously or not to hatch the character of Kim Kardashian. Oh yes because Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have known each other for over 15 years. They did the 400 shots together!

On his side, Kanye West shaped the style by Kim Kardashian. So much so that after their divorce, the latter seemed lost when she had to dress for public events. But very quickly, the mother of North West has regained the hair of the beast.

Proof is! That she is one of the Balenciaga muses now. Just like Justin Bieber or Isabelle Hupert.

As a reminder, Kim Kardashian has three brands: SKIMS, SKKN and SKKY Partners. Yes, she no longer has KKW Beauty since 2021, for the simple and good reason that she preferred to rebrand.

Thus, she was able to launch her skincare brand SKKN by Kim Kardashian. Moreover, with this line of cosmetics, the star displays its chic style very well through very refined and minimalist packaging.

This choice also comes from his taste for design. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has an incredible and very immaculate house, which she does not hesitate to reveal from time to time on Instagram. She even made a visit of his residence for AD.

Today, Kim Kardashian goes further by developing accessories for the home. MCE TV tells you more!

Kim Kardashian settles a little more in the house

Want to copy the decoration of Kim Kardashian’s house ? It will soon be possible! Indeed, the star will offer the possibility to his fans to buy decorative items for their homes.

Since 2020, the founder of SKKN had filed a patent to sell these items. According E !the brand will have duvets, aromatherapy diffusers, bathroom candles, body sponges, towels or even shower curtains. In short, Kim Kardashian really wants to make this room in the house ultra stylish.

In fact, she explains to Architectural Digest magazine: “When designing the home accessory pieces, I wanted to marry art and function, and be able to reinvent any space into a serene oasis. » Before sharing what she preferred in this new adventure: “The most exciting part was being able to take the calming, monochromatic aesthetic interior design elements of my home and bring them to others through these rooms! “.

Thereby, Skkn by Kim expands home accessories line. Because the star of The Kardashians had imagined her brand of skincare from materials from home, such as concrete or stone.

Its range of home accessories will arrive from October 6 on its Skkn by Kim website. It remains to be seen how much these small decorative objects will cost. Case to follow!

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