Kim Kardashian: Pete Davidson asked for her hand before they broke up?

After several months of romance, Kim Kardashian separated from Pete Davidson. However, he was ready to marry her!

Before separating from Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson had considered marrying her. In any case, this is what a source close to the star influencer reports. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Kim Kardashian was about to get married?

The news came as a shock. While we imagined that everything was going for the best in the couple of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, the unthinkable happened!

The lovebirds have indeed broken up. After 9 months of relationship, the quarantine has finally decided to separate from his new companion. For the moment, it is not officially known what prompted the couple to end their romance.

Divergent points of view? Age difference? Bad deal? Others actually point to another explanation. Some people actually think that Kanye West is no stranger to the matter.

Kim Kardashian’s ex has been talking about him for months. As we know, the rapper has, on numerous occasions, tried to put a spoke in the wheels of his rival to recover his ex-wife.

But in reality, no explanation for this separation seems the right one. To find out a little more, you have to turn to the side of Kim Kardashian’s entourage.

At the Radar Online media, a source close to the star recently made some interesting secrets… “Everything was going too fast. Kim wanted to slow things down and instead Pete proposedexplained the person who remained anonymous.

We thus understand that Pete Davidson had the idea of ​​asking Kim in marriage. Remember that the young mother has already been married 3 times. Did she want to try the experience again so soon?

Pete Davidson in therapy?

Be that as it may, since this refusal, Pete Davidson is at its worst. According to the actor’s entourage, he would be “devastated”. “Everyone warned him that he was going to push her away, but he didn’t listen”explains a source.

And as if that weren’t enough, the young man was treated to more attacks from Ye. The ex of Kim Kardashian leaves no respite to his rival. And even after his split from The Influencer, Pete Davidson remains a prime target for Kanye West.

Pete is so traumatized by the harassment that the rapper exerts on him that the comedian of SNL would be in therapy. “All the attention and negativity from Kanye West and his antics acted as a trigger for Pete”a source told People.

Pete therefore sought help in an attempt to move on. And in his quest for well-being, he can count on an ally of choice. Indeed, despite their separation, Kim Kardashian wants to remain friends with her ex.

So she decided to give him all his support in his therapy. Pete Davidson for his part regrets nothing of the 9 months spent alongside the influencer. His romance with her will nevertheless remain a beautiful story. And perhaps the beginning of a solid friendship…

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