Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham: Philippe Besson scratches the people

The Cannes Film Festival is over and we still wonder why Karine Ferria (very) intermittent TV presenter, or Anthony Delon, who has not filmed for ten years, climbed the steps. They saw light, no doubt. We also saw Loana, in the company of a lookalike of Elvis, rather typed. Can not wait for next year. Or not.

On the night of the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian wore the “naked dress” that Marilyn wore the famous evening when she wished President Kennedy a happy birthday. Bob Mackie, the designer of the dress, said what he thought: “It was a big mistake. Marilyn was an icon, a goddess. Kim no. » Close the ban.

Lie and revelation

Millie Bobby Brown appeared unrecognizable at the launch of the new season of “Stranger Things”. Certainly, she is now 18 years old, she was not going to remain a wild preteen forever. Yet her blonde “Desperate Housewife” look that looks like an escape from Miami and addicted to a scalpel, gave the impression that the first season was filmed a thousand years ago.

In the endless trial that opposes him to Johnny Depp, Amber Heard ended up admitting that she had lied and had never donated her divorce money to charity, as she had pledged to do to prove that she was not “a venal woman”. So she would be venal? !

“It’s has been to want to be very thin. » Said… Victoria Beckham, who has been eating carrots and a glass of water for thirty years. If we want a positive body ambassador, we’ll look elsewhere.

At last, Closer teaches us that Jean-Paul Rouvé plans to “get into the song”. But what have we done to deserve this?

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