Klopp talks about the joy of Luis Díaz in Liverpool, previous Champions League vs Benfica | Champions League

louis diaz went from being the great revelation to a kind of inspiration in Liverpoolwhere it has been consolidating as the missing piece to Jurgen Klopp to give more power to your payroll.

This Wednesday (2:00 pm Colombian time) the sharp attacker would again be essential for face Benfica in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions Leaguein a key that wins 1-3 the British team, precisely thanks to the assistance and the goal of the smiling Díaz.

And it is that, the joy of being where he is, which he makes no effort to hide, is what continues to surprise Klopp: “I didn’t know how much Luis Diaz enjoys training. I’m not sure I’ve seen someone like that before, always smiling. How fast has it adapted? No, we didn’t know. All the players we have signed in recent years are happy. It’s not the worst place in the world here,” he said at the pre-match press conference.

With the peasant, the successful DT feels that his squad took a leap in quality: “Yes. Since I’ve been here we’ve always had great teams. I love them all. But now we have a bigger team, with a lot of quality, all in good shape.” for the first time, more experienced. We know more about each other. He is the strongest.”

On his strategy against Benficathe only thing that is clear to him is that he will not allow anyone to get overconfident because of the advantage of the first leg: “All I know is that I would go for the game. Let’s put the rival under pressure and try to score early. That’s what you do and that’s It’s what we expect. Benfica respects us as we respect them… This is a very important game for us. We worked hard last year to qualify and now we can reach the semi-finals, which is incredible. It means a lot to us “.

The secret weapon is no longer so: “It’s Anfield and they don’t just play against us, they play against the whole crowd,” Klopp concluded.

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