Kojima Shares Photos of Actress Elle Fanning at Kojima Productions

The next video game Hideo Kojimathe father of games like metal gear solid Y Death Strandingis a complete mystery about which we hardly know anything yet, although, at least, this week we have known that to have the participation of the actress Elle Fanning (Maleficent). We still have no details of his name, history or gameplay, but less is nothing.

Elle Fanning at Kojima Productions

Now, the popular creative has wanted to share through his Twitter account two new photographs of Fanning in his time at Kojima Productions while performing certain poses. If there is any kind of clue in them about what we can find in the game as such, it is something that we do not know, although you can take a look at them in this same news to draw your own conclusions.

Kojima’s next mysterious project

We also take the opportunity to remind you that Kojima published yesterday a mysterious photo where you can see the silhouette of a woman with the message “Where am I?”so it is to be expected that it is a new actress that will be revealed soon.

Actress Elle Fanning on her visit to Kojima Productions

How can you suppose, the secrecy that surrounds this project is such that we do not know what it can be. It has now been confirmed that Kojima Productions is creating a video game exclusively for Microsoft that will use the power of the cloud to do something unique and unseen before, although a recently discovered supposed document points to the existence of a sequel to the game. Death Stranding.

Be it one thing or another, we have to keep waiting something more until Kojima decides that the time has come to present his next creation in society.

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