Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s best wishes for daughter Stormi will make you melt


Kylie Jenner can’t believe that Flocks already have three years!

The 23-year-old star celebrated her daughter’s birthday by posting a cute video she called “3 years of Stormi“and in which they flow images from when the baby was born in 2018 to today.

Then he posted a slideshow, always full of videos and souvenir photos, and added a sweet message:

“Thank you God for sending this little soul to me. Today I cry because I can’t stop time – wrote Kylie Jenner – It’s the little things I’ll miss, like your little voice and our long potty chats. Watching you try everything for the first time has been the best part of the past few years. But on the other hand I am thrilled to see you grow into the most special girl that I know you will be and see all the fantastic things I know you will do. Happy birthday to my little girl forever“.

Dad too Travis Scott posted a tribute to Stormi and, as a true rapper, he is in rhyme: “3 is bigger than 2, 3 more years of love that’s true, 3 more inches u might have grew, 3 more years a lot to dooo !!! 3 more times I love huu. Happy bday to my Lil storm storm“.

Translated it sounds like this: “3 is bigger than 2, 3 more years of love that’s true, you may have grown 3 inches, another 3 years a lot to do! 3 more times I love you. Happy birthday my little Storm Storm“.


Then there are the grandmother’s social wishes Kris Jenner and aunts Kendall Jenner And Kim Kardashian, which you can see below:

Kylie Jenner she had kept the pregnancy a secret and had confirmed the rumors only when Stormi was already born.

She and baby’s dad, Travis Scott, they are no longer together but they often meet to spend time with the child.

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