Kylie Jenner shares a photo of her baby boy with Travis Scott!

On Instagram, Kylie Jenner shared a rare photo of her baby boy while he was with Travis Scott.

It is rare to see pictures of little Wolf, the little boy of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. So when this appears, it is a great event. Precisely, the sister of Kim Kardashian has just unveiled one on the occasion of Easter.

A missed name

But before discussing the cliché in question, let’s come back to an important point. A point that has been talked about since the birth of the little boy. We are of course talking about his first name which sparked a bit of controversy. Some do not understand the choice of the pretty brunette.

Indeed, if you did not know, Kylie Jenner did not really want to choose this first name at the start. The darling of Travis Scott has also explained the reason that led her to make this choice. It’s simply because she had to go fast.

In a recent interview, she said: “We had to sign the birth certificate very quickly”. In a rush, she would therefore have given a first name, without really knowing if she was going to keep it for her little boy.

But in another interview, Kim K’s sister confessed that she will change it soon. “And then I knew the second I signed the birth certificate that I was probably going to change his name (laughs). It just didn’t suit him.”.

On the other hand, it will not be done immediately as announced by Kylie Jenner. She and Travis Scott are still in the process of making all the changes. It is also for this reason that she has not yet announced anything concerning Wolf’s new first name.

“We are in the process. So it wouldn’t be fair to share anything.”. It is therefore a question of time before knowing what the new name of the baby will be. So let’s cross our fingers that this one is better chosen.

Kylie Jenner shares a photo of her baby boy with Travis Scott!
Kylie Jenner shares a photo of her baby boy with Travis Scott!

Kylie Jenner posts photo of Travis Scott with their boy

A few days ago, the Coachella festival opened its doors. On this occasion, many stars have responded. Whether on stage or in the audience. Besides, Kylie Jenner was in the audience with Hailey Baldwin.

However, she did not stay long. Because if you didn’t know, we were celebrating Easter this weekend and a few hours ago. Whether it’s for stars or ordinary people, it’s a very important day to get together with family.

Kylie Jenner therefore spent the day with her mother Kris Jenner, but also some of her brothers and sisters. She also brought in her man, Travis Scott for the occasion. In fact, the pretty brunette has shared many pictures on her Instagram account.

In order to reveal the shared moment to his community and this one had a funny surprise. Because Kylie Jenner was posting a rare shot of her little boy with his dad. However, the term cliché is probably exaggerated.

Since we could only see one shoe appear in the photo in question. Despite everything, we can indeed count this photo as an immortalized moment with his son. And that’s probably the most important thing for the fans.

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