Kylie Jenner’s Real Reason for Her Lip Augmentation


The beauty industry mogul confesses during the last meeting of the most famous sisters on American television, to say goodbye to her popular show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

After we watched her grow up in front of the cameras, and by becoming one of the stars of the world-famous reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the beautiful 23-year-old Kylie Jenner finally spoke about one of the traits. facials that turned her into a beauty industry mogul: her famous lips.

It is not a secret that the millionaire’s lips are among the most famous in the world since they were injected to increase their volume, they became the most desired by many celebrities and people around the world, and also in the most replicated, because we could say that she was the one who imposed the trend of voluminous lips, which is still valid today.

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In the last meeting to say goodbye to the final episode of the show, Stormi’s pretty mother left nothing to the imagination and spoke openly about her controversial decision to enlarge her lips at an early age and how she turned one of her biggest insecurities into a company super recognized worldwide, her lipsticks, one of the most successful in the makeup world, as we all know.

In this way, she mentioned it in the entertainment piece of her reality show, clarifying that for her this is not a game: “I think my love for makeup started with the insecurity of my lips,” the young woman revealed to the presenter Andy Cohen, likewise He commented that this insecurity was generated because he had really small lips, and he had never really thought about it until he gave me his first kisses and the boy said: “Oh God, you are so good at kissing, but you have such small lips”.


This comment clearly caused something negative within the youngest of the Jenners, and self-conscious about the situation, she stated that from that moment she felt that she was not worthy of being kissed, due to the size of her lips, this is where we make an attentive call to people who like to make negative comments about someone’s physique, because they have no idea of ​​the real damage they cause, although, in this case, it was for the better.


The young woman confessed that the size of her lips became one of her great insecurities, which led her to learn everything about how to apply makeup to make them look bigger, and thanks to that mishap, now we see her shining more than ever, and of course, with her beautiful lips making claws with lipstick sales, because everyone wants lips like Kylie’s.

“I had this insecurity because this guy said something to me once, then I became obsessed with makeup because it marked my lips too much and that made me feel safe”, now, a few years later, Kylie put her insecurities aside and founded her famous and super successful worldwide, Kylie Cosmetics company, after injecting fillers to enlarge her lips.

Later, he created his other company, Kylie Skin, where we find all kinds of skincare products, since, we know that with the excessive use of makeup the skin of the face can suffer some repercussions, aware of this, it also has available items that help her clients’ faces keep looking super hydrated, healthy and beautiful, even with a lot of makeup, just like she does for her photoshoots or social gatherings.


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