La Guasa, new podcast of Televisa Digital

MEXICO CITY, June 13, 2022.- La Guasa is a fun and irreverent space that combines comedy and entertainment, two of the most consumed podcast categories in Latin America, where the main influencers and content creators from Latin America.

A press release indicates that La Guasa will have Lizbeth Rodríguez, content creator, as guests. (Catching Infidels), with more than 11.4 million followers on Instagram; Legna Hernández, Sofía Mata and Omahi, three of the tiktokers Mexicans with the most followers on the platform (16.9, 20.2 and 13.6 million, respectively); SoyMirrey, Aaron Mercury, Daniel Vargas, Islas Vlogs; as well as Tadeo Ferra and Herly.

the driving of The Guasa It will be in charge of Esen Alva and Violeta Moreno.

Esen Alva is a content creator who has over 3.6 million followers on TikTok. Thanks to his ingenuity, he has managed to position himself as one of the tiktokers favorite comedy in Mexico. He participated in the coverage of the TikTok Awards for Telehit, and was recently nominated for the MTV MIAW 2022, in the Fav New School category.

Violeta Moreno is a host and journalist who has collaborated with several media outlets, including Distrito Comedia and Telehit, during the coverage of the TikTok Awards. Throughout her career, Violeta has had the opportunity to interview figures such as Sean Penn, Jared Leto, Henry Cavill, Charlize Theron and Gal Gadot, among other Hollywood stars.

La Guasa premieres next Thursday June 16 and will be available on audio platforms and streamingsuch as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts, among others.

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