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A healthy diet not only maintains the proper functioning of the body, it also improves our memory, concentration and productivity. Therefore, we tell you what eating habits contribute to your well-being.

There is too much going on around us that could be affecting our attention, leading to brain fog and exhaustion of our cognitive function and brain power. Facing all this is necessary, but do you know how?

You are what you eat is a very common expression used to emphasize the importance of a healthy diet. And it is that all the foods we consume do much more than fulfill their nutritional function, they are really essential in all aspects of our lives, they preserve and restore health, minimize the risk of contracting diseases, guarantee reproduction, gestation, lactation, development and growth.

Therefore, if we eat something unhealthy we usually feel slow and heavy, it also favors the appearance of obesity, hypertension, cholesterol or diabetes. And not only that, it also affects our focus and productivity, since our body is unable to provide energy.

The best way to improve our memory, concentration and productivity is by adopting these healthy eating habits:

1. Planning. Start by preparing a weekly menu that allows you to make your purchases efficiently. And it is that planning allows us to think in advance about the nutrients that we want to incorporate in our plate and, therefore, visualize our objectives and go for them in an easier and more organized way.

2. Choose healthier alternatives. Sometimes it is about making some adjustments in your daily diet, avoiding excessive consumption of very sugary and high-fat foods. Resist the urge to buy junk food or unhealthy drinks and switch to more flattering options. This point is one of the most important because we must be quite disciplined to really protect our cognitive ability and general well-being.

3. Includes brain food. Avocados top the list of foods that are great for cognitive function, and broccoli helps maintain a good memory. Eggplant stimulates communication between brain cells and messenger molecules. You can also dress your salads with extra virgin olive oil, since it has many properties to strengthen the brain.

4. He struggles with the urge to eat sweets. Generally when we don’t have a proper diet, our energy decreases and we tend to look for sugary options, especially in the afternoon. When the craving for sweets strikes, opt for a homemade trail mix that could have almonds, raisins, dried figs, or coconut chips. Healthy carbohydrates that contain sugar fill you with energy.

5. Respect your meal schedules and portions. To keep blood sugar levels stable, avoid long intervals between meals, as this will make you feel more agitated and irritable. The recommendation of nutrition experts is to eat the right portions at established times, so you won’t be hungry and end up binging your day.

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