La Nación / Five large indoor plants to prepare the house for summer

The hottest days are coming and a good way to condition the interior of the home is to decorate it with plants. Although each species has its charm, the largest ones are excellent for the corners of the rooms and create a jungle style.

There are different types that vary in appearance, but most have in common that they can be very tall. They generally measure from 1 to 3 meters on average and there are others that, if a good substrate is applied to them, can grow larger.

This is a very important detail to take into account if you want an indoor “little tree”, since if your ceiling is low, it is best to opt for medium-sized and hanging plants.


This plant is like a palm tree but indoors. Its leaves and stems are thin and green. Elegant and sophisticated, it can measure from 1.5 to 3 meters. In terms of care, it adapts well to corners where it receives natural light; It requires one or two monthly waterings in winter and 2 per week during hot weather.

2-Pachira with flower

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing plants bloom and not to mention if we can enjoy their beauty in the living room at home. This species has large, palmate and shiny leaves, its stem has the detail of braiding and its flowers are very showy; It is one of the most resistant for the interior. As for care, they need natural light and irrigation only when the substrate dries.


This is very easy to achieve since it abounds in most homes with gardens, in addition, with a good substrate they multiply without the need for special care. It is a slender and showy plant due to its elongated leaves that combine green and yellow.

In terms of care, it can be in spaces such as the bathroom, where normally not so much light enters and requires watering every 15 days in summer, while in winter only once a month.


Durable, resistant and colorful, they have the goodness of refreshing and purifying the air in environments, and can even help eliminate bad odours. Normally we can get them in a small size, but if they are placed in a large pot with good soil and fertilizer, they can reach up to two meters in height.

The detail of this plant is that it does need more light than the others. The ideal is to place them next to windows where the sun enters from the front; Regarding watering, it should be daily during the hot seasons and in winter only when the land is dry.


For fans of prickly pears, there are also them in XL size. Almost all species of cacti have a very thick stem or leaves that allow them to store water for a long time. It can be inside and outside the home, while watering should be moderate.

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