Lainez arrives in Monterrey and reveals why he chose TigresMediotiempo

Monterrey, NL /

Diego Laínez He is already on royal land, he arrived very early this Sunday to report with tigers; the mexican player arrived at the Monterey Airport after a long flight from Madrid Spain.

Lainez left the terminal and was already wearing feline club clothing; he responded to the press by answering three questions, among which he said he was happy to become a player of the UANL.

In addition, he revealed why he preferred to return to MX League with Tigres and not with other teams, as with the Americafrom where he arose and emigrated to Europe when I was 19 years old.

“Very happy, very happy, excited about the project that exists, very committed to the team, happy and hopefully soon I can be working.”

“The Tigres project is a very interesting project, they have always shown interest, from Mauricio I have known him for a long time; they have always been there, the interest since I practically went to Europe,” he declared.

Returning to Mexico, a great challenge

For Lainez, returning to Mexico at the age of 22, after having been in Europe since he was 19, with Betis and Braga, is not a setback.

“It is an opportunity, a very beautiful and important challenge for me and I am going to face it in the best way as I have always done in my career,” Lainez concluded.

The new feline reinforcement will rest the rest of Sunday to appear this Monday at the Faculty of Sports Organization (FOD) at 9:00 a.m., your appointment time to perform the corresponding physical and medical tests.

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