Larcamón responds to Reinoso after saying that he is not DT for America

Nicolas Larcamon / Carlos Reinoso
Nicolas Larcamon / Carlos Reinoso

The Americanist legend Carlos Reinoso declared a few hours ago that the current technical director of Puebla, Nicolás Larcamón, is not a DT that he considers to lead the Eagles. His argument consists of the bad closing that the Argentine had with the sweet potato team. He also praised the management of Fernando Ortíz.

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They also go for Israel Reyes, the enemy of America who is looking for his signing

At this moment, sweet potatoes and azulcremas are facing each other in a game that has not disappointed its fans. The scoreboard is still zero to zero, but the first emotions of the match have been on the surface because the game has been planned as a back and forth.

Larcamón responds to criticism

Nicolás Larcamón responded as he always has: on the field. The group from Puebla has surprised with its great start, leaving the first clear options of danger. You just have to see the great save by Guillermo Ochoa after Maximiliano Araújo’s dangerous shot that keeps the American goal still at zero.

Let’s hope that the match continues at this intensity for the sake of the qualifiers. Meanwhile, in the most outstanding plays is the forced exit of Federico Viñas due to discomfort that leaves him out of the courts, in his place Henry Martín entered. We will see how Ortiz responds to the intensity of Puebla.

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The condition that América puts on Ortíz prior to his match against Puebla

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