Last minute diet, what to eat to lose 5 kg in 3 days (suggested by Nicole Kidman)


With Ferragosto at the door, the desire to be in shape at least on the photo of August 15th (photoshop aside) accompanies everyone. What we can do if we have reached this 9th of the month with a line not really worthy of that bikini that we have now bought, the only remedy is lose 5 kg quickly. But is it possible? A week would be the necessary (and even maximum) period for this diet, but even 3 days is enough. 5 kg in 3/7 days. Yes, it can. This is the always kept promise of the Boiled Egg Diet. Seeing is believing.

Loved by the stars, Nicole Kidman followed her to prepare for the filming of Cold Mountain: LA Hard Egg Diet is a perfect way to actually get back in shape any time of the year. Eggs have excellent nutritional values ​​and are a very versatile food in the kitchen. In this context, it has been proven how feeding on boiled eggs can help you lose a considerable amount of excess pounds. Thanks to the satiating power that the egg possesses, and the high content of good fats and proteins. Furthermore, it is a highly low-calorie food, with an average content of only 70 kcal. Boiled eggs are also a food rich in properties: they help in case of cardiovascular diseases as they contain many fatty acids, they have positive effects on the nervous system thanks to the B vitamins and choline. They are also rich in vitamin D, so they help the skeletal system. Thanks to the sulfur amino acids, they reduce hair loss. Egg white in particular contains proteins of high biological value.

The Boiled Egg Diet, what is it?

The Egg Diet consists of eating hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner of course, alternating them with protein foods such as meat and fish. This diet is ideal for those who don’t have to lose too many pounds all at once. The doctors’ advice remains that, once the diet is over, not to go back to an unhealthy eating style. The yo-yo effect is the real damage to our metabolismor, everyone always says this, it’s time to believe it.

The Hard Egg Diet has a duration ranging from 3 to 7 days, at your discretion. It is a high-protein ketogenic diet, therefore low in carbohydrates (practically 0) and rich in proteins. The experts who developed this egg diet know that not everyone can lose 5 pounds in a week. In detail, the hard-boiled egg diet would be more suitable for people who already follow a healthy lifestyle or for those who have decided to turn the page and leave the car at the fast food parking lot and reactivate the metabolism for the path of well-being. Before going into the details of this diet, it must be emphasized that the Boiled Egg Diet, being a regimen that is based only, indeed mainly, on the consumption of a food, is not suitable for everyone. Indeed this diet is not recommended for those suffering from liver or gallbladder problems, for diabetics (the risk of stroke or heart attack increases even with the consumption of 1-2 eggs per week) and for those suffering from severe hyperlipidemia.

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Recommendations made, now let’s move on to the indications to put this diet into practice.

Here is the Diet of Boiled Eggs

Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs + 1 orange, 1 cup of unsweetened tea or coffee.

Alternatives: 2 hard-boiled eggs + 1 slice of toasted wholemeal bread + 1 roasted tomato; 1 boiled egg + 1 fruit or grapefruit juice; 2 hard-boiled or poached eggs + 1 slice of toasted wholemeal bread; 2 scrambled eggs + 1 tomato.

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs + mixed salad (ingredients: lettuce, celery, cucumber and tomato with oil and apple cider vinegar) + 1 cup of coffee / tea without sugar.

Alternatives: Fruit of your choice up to satiety; Grilled steak + mixed salad (ingredients: lettuce, celery, cucumber and tomato with oil and apple cider vinegar); Skinless roast chicken + 2 tomatoes; 2 lamb chops / grilled chicken breast + cucumber or celery salad (with oil and apple cider vinegar); 2 hard-boiled eggs + mixed salad (ingredients: lettuce, celery, cucumber and tomato without oil and apple cider vinegar); 2 hard-boiled eggs + boiled cauliflower without oil + fresh cheese + 1 slice of wholemeal bread; boiled or grilled fish without oil (yes to dressing with lemon) + 1 slice of bread; 2 poached eggs + 2 tomatoes; Grilled steak / chicken breast + tomato salad (without oil) + 1 orange; Roast chicken (skinless) + 3 boiled carrots; 2 poached or boiled eggs + pan-fried spinach;

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + fresh spinach and tomato salad (with oil and apple cider vinegar).

Alternatives: 2 boiled eggs + mixed salad + 1 grapefruit; 2 hard-boiled eggs + 1 orange; Grilled or grilled meat + salad; 2 hard-boiled eggs + fresh spinach and tomato salad (with oil and apple cider vinegar); 2 hard-boiled eggs + tomato salad (with apple cider vinegar); 2 grilled lamb chops + celery and cucumber salad; Fresh or canned fish + mixed salad; Seasonal fruit salad up to satiety; Roast chicken + carrot and cabbage salad; Skinless roast chicken + oil-free tomato salad + 1 orange; Roast meat + salad.

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