Laura Bozzo allows a three-way kiss with Toni Costa and el Potro

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Undoubtedly, “The House of the Famous” has given a lot to talk about especially for two controversial characters, Laura Bozzo and Niurka, which between their love and hate have been said, have cried and have been angry. Recently, the Peruvian decided to forget her conflict with the star as well as the problems that the presenter has of claustrophobia to have fun.

It was this weekend that the celebrities decided to throw a party and between games, Brenda Zambrano and “El Potro” decided to encourage the Peruvian to have a three-way kiss, to which the host accepted since the kiss would be between Luis Caballero, Toni Costa and her.

Laura Bozzo before the kiss was convinced by her companions who did not stop yelling at her to support her and even Adamari López’s ex yelled at her minutes before the act “what happens the debauchery”something that everyone found funny except for the Peruvian who slapped the dancer.

This caused “Potro” Caballero will hold Toni by the neck, since he was looking for the kiss between three to happen, but at the last moment the Zumba coach turned around laughing and it was Laura Bozzo who received the kiss.

The kiss between Laura Bozzo and El Potro.

On Monday, May 16, it will be the first elimination of “The House of the Famous” and among the nominees are two of the celebrities who have generated the most conversation, Laura Bozzo and Toni Costa. The other nominees are Nacho Casano, Osvaldo Ríos, Juan Vidal and Mayeli Alonso.

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