Laura Bozzo reacted in this way when she was nominated to leave La Casa de los Famosos

Laura Bozzo

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Laura Bozzo is one of the six nominees to be eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos just days before the premiere of the Telemundo reality show. The Peruvian host known for the program “Laura en América” ​​is accompanied in this sentence along with Toni Costa, Mayeli Alonso, Nacho Casano, Osvaldo Ríos and Juan Vidal.

When the news broke that she was among the nominees for elimination, she reacted. The video of the moment has been published on the Telemundo Realities Instagram account.

“Oh bye. I have no problems, if I have to go I go. I’m leaving”, he said while waving his hands.

He also blamed Niurka Marcos for this sentence. “Do you think I don’t know you’re behind all this?” Bozzo said.

“Totally shocked! This was Laura Bozzo’s reaction… How will this affect her attitude with the rest of her?”, They wrote when sharing the clip of the moment of the sentence.

The roughness between Bozzo and Marcos have been known since before they both entered the reality show, so the followers were eager to see them live together inside the house. When Niurka Marcos arrived at the show’s facilities, the first moment of tension between the two personalities was experienced.

While the Mexican greeted the other members of the house, Bozzo went to another room. When she was about to leave that place, Marcos was walking in and took her by the arms to greet her and then melt into a hug. “Doll, no, doll,” Marcos said as they hugged.

Faced with this situation, the followers reacted in the following way: “How happy to see those sincere hugs, times are changing and it goes by quickly to be losing it, you have to live happily, very nice both congratulations”, “With Niurka you never know that makes her special”, “Very nice gesture by Niurka”, “Poor Laura did not know where to run”, “What a season by God. These competitors are of a class level and greatness, what characters. They are going to leave us many lessons of humility and camaraderie. I love this new group, bravo” and “That is what people who are mature and sincere do.”

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