Legal Medicine reveals the toxicological status of the parents of the dead baby inside a car in Valledupar

Screenshots taken from a video of the couple being treated by health personnel inside the room
Screenshots taken from a video of the couple being treated by health personnel inside the room

Great sadness has generated the death inside a car of one baby of only seven months. Apparently, the tragedy would have originated by mother’s neglect that he entered a motel to have sex with his partner and would have left the little girl alone inside the running vehicle, which would have ended in poisoning by inhalation of toxic gases of the minor

Not only has the little girl’s departure aroused pain, but indignation, regarding the state of her parents who were apparently under the substance useThis would appear from the images revealed by the emergency personnel who came to attend to the tragedy.

Video of medical personnel inside the room where the mother of the minor and her partner stayed. Material published by: “Sucesos Valledupar Oficial”.

Well, likewise confirmed Legal Medicinenoting that the couple was under the influence of alcohol and psychoactive substances when they were attended by emergency agencies.

Apparently their states under these substances that alter consciousness made the young couple make the worst possible decision. It was recently known that Maria Camila Mengual Mojica (19 years old) entered together with Humberto Manuel Olivilla Pineda (23), on January 1st at the Santa Barbara motel located south of Valledupar (Cesar), he mentioned Time that they had left the car running so that the child under seven months could have the air conditioner while the couple had their sexual encounter.

For his part, the director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) in Cesar, Gabriel Castilla, has indicated that the 19-year-old woman has entered into depression due to the tragedy that occurred on the first day of 2023.

They are in a state of pain. The mother is very struck by sadness, she has entered a quite strong depressive process. We have been providing support with a group of psychologists, social workers and family advocates”.

In the same way, Gabriel Castilla pointed out that the little girl of only seven months she was an only child of the young mother. “The corresponding tracking was done for these cases and we verified that the baby was an only child. We urge family members to safeguard the interests and rights of children”.

Regarding the motel, it was learned that the Valledupar government secretary ordered the sealing of the commercial establishment where the life of Camila Mengual’s baby tragically ended.

According to the report we have, they left the vehicle running and fainted due to gas inhalation. As a result of this, the minor also died in this unfortunate case that occurred on Sunday night (January 1)”, Colonel Luis León, commander of the Cesar Police, explained to the local press. The girl’s poisoning would have been due to carbon monoxide inhalation.

According to the motel’s personal police report, they noticed that a car was on, so they decided to verify, taking the unfortunate surprise of the little lifeless baby.

The motel worker notices that inside room 111 the noise of a moving vehicle is heard, which makes him curious and he enters to verify, he finds inside the room there was a female lying on the floor and a male lying in bed. When checking the vehicle, he finds a minor who was not breathing inside; Immediately, he proceeded to take her to the pediatric clinic where the medical staff told him that she was without vital signs.”.

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