legend Paulo Futre asked Messi for an autograph

Paulo Futre, Portuguese football legend who briefly passed through Marseille, explained why he asked Lionel Messi for an autograph before the start of the Benfica-PSG match (1-1) in the Champions League.

Paulo Futre animated the Benfica-PSG pre-match (1-1) on Wednesday, exchanging and laughing for long minutes with Lionel Messi, PSG striker. The former legendary striker from Portugal even asked for an autograph from the Argentine star on a flocked jersey in his name (that of Futre). He explained this somewhat special request on his Twitter account.

“I only saw two left-handers who seemed much better than me”

“Modesty aside, I only saw two left-handers who seemed much better than me. The two Argentinians, wrote Futre. Diego Maradona was the only player I asked for an autograph when we shared a team in the world team in 1987. Today I asked Leo Messi for the second.”

Launched at Sporting, then discovered at FC Porto with whom he won the champion club cup in 1987, Paulo Futre spent a long part of his brilliant career at Atlético de Madrid (1987-1993) where he was brought up in idol rank. He then went through Benfica, then Olympique de Marseille (1994) in particular. Second in the Ballon d’Or in 1987, the former Portuguese international (41 caps, 6 goals) won two Portuguese championships with Porto (Benfica’s great rival) and two Spanish cups with Atlético de Madrid.

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Since the end of his career, he has remained very present in the sports media with a consulting role in Portuguese television or chronicles in the Spanish sports press. Lionel Messi, smiling, did it without any problem to give an autograph to this former glory of football.

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