LEGO Star Wars: Castaways, review

Gameloft disguises itself as TT Games and churns out an excellent brick-based adventure for the Apple Arcade platform: here is the review of LEGO Star Wars: Castaways

The videogame license of LEGO over the years it has been the exclusive prerogative of Warner Bros. and TT Games, which have been able to create a consolidated formula both in terms of narration, with a humor that has become typical and recognizable, as well as in that of the mechanics, characterized by great accessibility even though at the cost of an approach that is anything but demanding.

We were therefore surprised to see how Gameloft has managed to make this approach her own, crafting a premium-style adventure for Apple Arcade, which would not disfigure even on PC and consoles and which does not fear the comparison with the previous tie-ins: we will talk about it in the LEGO Star Wars: Castaways review.


LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, one of the sequences

LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, one of the “reward” sequences for completing missions

There history of LEGO Star Wars: Castaways sees our character land on a remote planet at the end of a daring chase into space, and there find a vibrant community of stellar castaways ready to welcome him. However, there is a serious threat on the horizon and we will soon have to fight to save the new world we now call “home”.

Before this happens, however, we will have the opportunity to try our hand at a large number of activities thanks to simulators scattered throughout the city, which plays the role of a large hub and boasts several personages with which to interact to carry on the progression, linked to a traditional list of objectives that we can check at any time.

The humor of the Gameloft title is very faithful to that of the tie-ins developed by TT Games, using in this case the expedient of the “dumb” protagonists who nevertheless snatch a smile with their expressions and with the strength of the situations in which they are continuously involved, in the context of the classic curtains between one mission and another.

To reaffirm the fascination deriving from such a famous intellectual property we also find the soundtrack original by John Williams, which accompanies, as usual, in an epic way what happens on the screen, as well as a series of funny films that shoot classic scenes from the first film trilogy.


LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, a four-player cooperative mission

LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, a four-player cooperative mission

It is thehub to which we mentioned earlier the beating heart of LEGO Star Wars: Castaways, with a large open map through which to access everything the game has to offer, however, paced on the basis of our progression. At the beginning we will be able to try our hand only with certain “on foot” simulations, playable alone or in cooperative together with up to three other users; then it will be the turn of flight sequences in space aboard a Y-Wing or a TIE Fighter.

If the latter have the flavor of the classic shooters of the series, such as for example Star Wars: Rogue Leader, the standard missions take up the action of the tie-ins developed by TT Games, with a combat system similar but enriched by twin stick shooter-style mechanisms, in which however the classic sections are missing in which you have to reassemble the finished bricks on the ground to build any useful devices to move forward.

LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, one of the many points of interest in the city

LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, one of the many points of interest in the city

Speaking of fights, this aspect of the experience hides a thickness that at first glance ends up escaping, thanks to the presence of four different classes (Soldier, Adept of the Force, Support and Agent) that we will be able to grow separately, unlocking for each new equipment and customizations. It is therefore a pity that the same tasks often have to be repeated, thus trying to artificially lengthen the duration of the campaign.

Like virtually all games available on Apple Arcade, LEGO Star Wars: Castaways also supports i controller bluetooth, which is obviously good because in doing so you can rely on higher input accuracy. THE touch controls in fact they work well but the virtual stick tends to have too low a sensitivity and there is no way to increase it.

Graphics and sound

LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, a mission into space around the Death Star

LEGO Star Wars: Castaway, a mission into space around the Death Star

As mentioned at the beginning, the Gameloft developers have done a great job in appropriating the LEGO Star Wars license, tracing what TT Games has done so far and thus packaging a product visually very pleasant, full of cutscenes that will delight long-time Star Wars fans.

Considering also the music of John Williams, at the end of the day the only criticism that can be leveled at the technical sector of Castaways is the impossibility of adjusting the graphic parameters in order to aim for 60 fps on high-end devices: the applied preset is automatic, and on the iPhone 12 Pro the game doesn’t go beyond 30 frames, which is a bit disappointing.


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LEGO Star Wars: Castaways is a really great tie-in, developed by Gameloft in an extremely adherent way to the approach and philosophy used up to now by TT Games. The idea of ​​the big hub and the simulations works well, the cooperative multiplayer is simple and fun, and the progression system gradually reveals the new contents of an experience that immediately appears rather dense and full-bodied. In short, a great addition to the Apple Arcade catalog, if we want with only a couple of critical issues: the tendency to repeat certain missions and the lack of 60 fps.


  • A LEGO-style tie-in
  • Full-bodied campaign, many missions on foot or in space
  • It is played which is a pleasure alone or in a cooperative


  • Some missions repeat themselves a little too much
  • We would have liked a 60fps option
  • Good touch controls but with some uncertainty

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