Less and less profitable: Apple raises the iPhone battery replacement to 99 euros

If Apple is known for something, apart from the high quality of its products, it is for the high prices of these devices and any service that the company offers. When you join the iOS community, you should be aware that you are going to have to scratch your pocket, and this 2023 was not going to be any different, since the company has announced that from March the replacement will go up to almost 100 euros battery on your iPhone.

This 2022 has been marked by the rise in prices of numerous services and products, and it seems that the same trend will continue in 2023, we have seen it with the increase in toll rates or the end of fuel aid and now we know that soon there will be in iPhone battery replacement service.

This Apple service has never been cheap and it is that, today, the battery replacement costs about 75 euros. But as we have been able to verify, if you access the Apple battery repair and replacement section, just below the estimated price of your replacement you can read a message.


“The out-of-warranty battery service charge will apply until the end of February 2023. As of March 1, 2023, out of warranty battery service charge will increase to €24 for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14.”

This means that if you have any iPhone model (prior to 14) the battery replacement amounts to 99 euros, just below the psychological barrier of 100 euros. Although it is true that this has some exception, for example, if your smartphone is still within the 2-year warranty offered by the company replacement will be free.

Just like if you are a member of the Apple Care+ servicethe company’s insurance policy that is priced at 289 euros per year or 14.49 per month, which recently arrived in Spain, and covers damage and battery replacement, among other things, however, it is not that it is the service more profitable.

This increase applies to all iPhones prior to 14, but in the event that yours is this the replacement amounts to 119 eurosalthough if it is due to battery deterioration you are still within the warranty period.

It should be noted that if you were thinking of replacing the battery of your iPhone, it is better that you do it now, since This price increase will not begin to apply until March 1, you can check your battery health by going to Settings-Battery-Battery Health; In the event that this is below 80%, it is advisable to consider a replacement.

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