Lili Estefan has a run-in with a Univision colleague

The moment was confusing because then they tried to save him with laughter and jokes, which seemed more like pure sarcasm.

Jovial, charismatic and very smiling, are three of the characteristics for which viewers love Lili Estefan. However, “Flaca” showed that when it comes to demanding respect, she knows perfectly well how she brings out her character.

Proof of this was a confusing moment that happened between her and her colleague from Univision, Jomari Goyso. A character who is known for her strong comments and for being temperamental.

Although both celebrities made it clear that it was not a real fight, the fact left everyone thinking.

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It all started when Jomari was taking a video to upload to his social networks. The Spaniard wanted to capture how a transcendental moment was being lived for Univision and Televisa, who have merged strength.

In the images you can see when Jomari focused on Lili and started calling her even though she saw that she was talking to another colleague.

“Lili, Lili… she is listening to me, but she ignores me. It doesn’t matter,” says Jomari. Immediately afterwards and with a very serious face, Lili replied: “You are rude. You interrupt people who are having a conversation.”

It was when the Spaniard took out all his sarcasm and said “”That’s going to increase my engagement, this is going to go viral. If you insult me, it works more for me.”

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But Lili attacked: “Of course, because if Raúl interrupts you on the show, it bothers you, but if you interrupt me, it’s perfect.”

Jomari immediately joked saying “I monetize this in one go”, to which Lili reacted by making a celebration movement, smiling and making a celebration movement.

Was it all planned? The truth is that the fashionista and now the presenter of “Despierta América” ​​achieved his goal and his clip went viral.


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