Lionel Messi goes viral with his new boots and three surgical shots (video)

This Friday, Paris Saint-Germain, recent champion of France, moves on the lawn of Strasbourg for the account of the 35th day of Ligue 1. If Mauricio Pochettino’s men have nothing left to play for, there is no question of letting the end of the season slip away for the Argentinian technician: “The atmosphere is good, we train well. We just won the championship. Sometimes you lose motivation after that, but we will try to win and stay competitive. We have to stay professional and do our job. Now is not the time to test new tactics“, he said at a press conference on Thursday.

The end of the season without pressure is also an opportunity to try things, to prepare things for next season without calculation. It is also the possibility of seeing Messi, Neymar and Mbappรฉ together again for some time, because it is not certain that this will be the case at the start of the next exercise…

Messi puts on a show

Lionel Messi is a huge star, we all agree.

One of the greatest players of all time. And if he has won everything or almost (he only misses the World Cup), he is also a mark in his own right. He is the emblematic figure of several brands including Lay’s (chips) and Adidas, among others. And for the mark with the three stripes, he just released a short video on his account followed by more than 323 million people.

He can be seen kicking a ball three times and putting it in a ball bag several meters away from him each time, showing his incredible precision skills. He writes in the caption: ”1, 2, 3… Trying on the new Diamond Edge from Adidas… We feel good in Diamond Edge”.

Internet users react

On social networks, Internet users commented en masse on this sequence.

We read on Twitter:

  • ”B*rdel but he’s too much the best player in history I’ve ever seen that…”
  • ”Messi is the best… let’s not forget the past to judge him, nevertheless he has 7 golden balls including 4 in a row and 6 golden shoes including 3 in a row not to mention that he is the only one to have realized that CR7 has more goals because he has more matches than Messi, that’s all…
  • “Ptdr how can you watch this guy touch a ball and not instantly understand that he is made for football…”
  • ”The crazy thing about Messi is that he doesn’t even know he’s the best player in history…”
  • ”The player with the highest accuracy in the history of the Soccer…”

Lionel Messi has just won his first Ligue 1 title with a club other than FC Barcelona. The Parisian supporters were waiting for another trophy. Next season, the Argentinian will no longer have any adaptation-related excuses…


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