Lis. Wonder and hers awesome Earth 3 Lois Lane cosplay

The artist surprises us with her cosplay of Lois Lane from Earth 3 and reminds us that James Gunn should consider this variant

Lois Lane He needs no introduction, at least on this website, we all know that he is one of the best-known characters in DC Comics, but… did you know that there is an evil version of her in a parallel universe? Well, not only do we tell you, who is and how is the character of Lois Lane on Earth 3, but it serves as a perfect introduction to the latest cosplay of the well-known artist Lis. Wonder. Earth 3 is a universe where the heroes are villains and vice versa.

On this Earth, Lois Lane is not a brave and honest reporter, but an evil Amazon who calls herself superwoman. He is part of the Crime Syndicate, a criminal organization that rules the world with an iron hand.

The character has powers similar to those of Supermansuch as strength, speed, flight, and heat vision. However, he also has a magical whip that allows him to control people’s minds, much like the one he has Wonder Woman.

The character is a cruel, ambitious and ruthless woman who does not hesitate to kill or betray anyone who gets in her way. She enjoys causing pain and suffering to her enemies and her innocents. She has no respect for human life or for justice.

Earth 3 Lois Lane Cosplay - DC - DC Universe - Superwoman

Use the whip to seduce and manipulate powerful men, such as ultramanthe evil version of Superman, and owlman the evil version of Batman.

Lois is expecting a child and makes them both believe they are the father. However, she reveals that the real father is mazahs, the most feared villain of his home world.

The Syndicate is destroyed by Superwoman and her lover, but in the fight, Deathstorm is controlled by the heroine with the Lasso of Submission only to be killed by Mazahs. During the fight against the Injustice League, Lois is injured by Black Adam’s lightning, being captured and imprisoned in a special prison in Belle Reve.

According to a prophecy, Superwoman’s firstborn son would bring the greatest age of darkness to the world. Therefore, she sought out the most powerful man to be the father of her child.

Lois Lane de Lis cosplay. Wonder

The artist has perfectly captured the evil essence of the character in this Lois Lane cosplay, and has also incorporated an essential element that is pregnancy. In her representation, Lis has recreated the woman who, according to the prophecy, will give birth to the child who will bring darkness to the world.

This attention to detail is what really makes this cosplay incredibly amazing and authentic.

Lis. Wonder is a professional cosplayer with a large following on social media, and she is widely known for her ability to pull off a lot of characterization, but she is especially recognized for her portrayal of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. .

On this occasion, he has shown his knowledge and love for the DC Comics universe and has created a unique representation of one of the most surprising and opposite characters to the original. We leave you with the Lois Lane cosplay that the artist has published on her profile.

If you liked the characterization of Lis.Wonder and you want to discover more of his work, here we leave you his instagram.

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