Listens to TV analysis October 1: Conti controls Signorini (both up by one point). Nuzzi beats Stallone, Crozza and Zoro at 4.7%


Dominant flagships, with a total of almost half a million more spectators and over two share points.

All the zetas on Friday on the pitch on the evening of October 1st. With Cagliari-Venice on Sky and Dazn, the general grid has foreseen the second episode of Brothers of Crozza on Nove, struggling with Zoro And Live propaganda on La7, but also with Gianluigi Nuzzi And Fourth Degree on Rete4. The challenge between the flagships remained tense: the confrontation was still the one between Such and what show and the new episode of Big Brother Vip (in the second weekly placement). Seven days ago it ended like this: Such and what show 2020 to 3.787 million spectators equal to 21% share, while the GF Vip 2020 it had had 2.3 million spectators equal to 15.8% share, but ending well after one in the morning.

The new episode of Bake Off on Real Time. With Rai2, instead, it is perched on crime series and therefore films (Rambo 3 on Italy 1 e Prof. on the third network) which completed the offer of the main networks. This is how the choices of the public were addressed according to Auditel.

In the early evening

On Rai1 the third episode of Such and what show, with Carlo Conti to the conduction, in the jury Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello, Cristiano Malgioglio and Mario Giordano imitated by Ubaldo Pantani, and in singing and acting challenge Francesca Alotta, Deborah Johnson, Federica Nargi, Stefania Orlando, Alba Parietti, Dennis Fantina, I Gemelli di Guidonia, Biagio Izzo, Simone Montedoro, Pierpaolo Pretelli and Ciro Priello, attracted 4.027 million spectators with 21.9%, up by almost one point compared to the previous week (race won by Denis Fantina in version Michele Zarrillo).

On Canale 5 the new weekly episode of Big Brother Vip with Alfonso Signorini director on stage, Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli commentators, obtained 2.487 million and 16.9% until 25.07, up by more than one point compared to the previous Friday. In addition, the program had over 1 million and 21.5% in the night part and with the subsequent live 650 thousand spectators and 15.5%.

For third place on the podium

On Rai2 Ncis had 1.2 million and 5.4%, and then for Bull 842 thousand and 4.1%. On Network 4 Fourth Degree, with Gianluigi Nuzzi And Alessandra Viero to the management, Sabrina Scampini in the base team, it had 1.099 million viewers and 6.7% share. On Italia1 the cult title Rambo3-Revenge, with Sylvester Stallone, totaled 1.093 million spectators and 5.4% share.


On the Nove the second episode of Brothers of Crozza has had 1,013 million spectators and 4.7% (860 thousand spectators and 4.2% at the baptism). Also on La7 the new episode of Live propaganda, with Diego Bianchi to the management e Makkox, Marco Damilano, Francesca Schianchi, Constanze Reuscher, Paolo Celata in support, it won 750 thousand spectators and 4.7%.

At the end, on Rai3, the first TV film Prof., with Claudio Bisio, Lino Guanciale, Maurizio Nichetti, Maria Di Biase, Shalana Santana, Pietro Ragusa, collected 760 thousand spectators and a 3.6% share. Also on Real Time Bake Off Italia – Sweets in the oven, achieved 568 thousand viewers and a 2.7% share, while on TV8 Gomorrah – The Series had 371 thousand spectators and 1.8%.

Emanuele Bruno

(In the photo a moment of Tale and which show with the winner on stage)


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