“Little Buenos Aires”: the Miami avenue with restaurants and nightlife that Argentines choose the most

One of the favorite cities to which Argentines decide to emigrate is Miami, where they are already an established community. In this area full of luxuries, eccentricities and mixtures of cultures, there is a corner that is positioned as “little Buenos Aires, located on Collins Avenue and 65th Street, up to 80th. The buildings are different from each other, some more modest than others and most of the shops seem to shorten distances. There you can find iconic places like Lola, Manolo, Buenos Aires Bakery, New Campo Argentino, among others. In this place, the accent is distinguished from all the rest to such a degree that the roots become undeniable and unmistakable.

Although many Argentines live in other cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, in this area, nicknamed Little Buenos Aires (Little Buenos Aires), very close to the coast, the sea breeze is lost in the smell of barbecue. This neighborhood, located north of Miami Beach, has residents who traveled to the United States as a result of the economic crisis that affected the country in the early 2000s and many of them did not return. Others arrived at the time when visas were not needed to come to this nation and so, over the years, Argentina was more relevant than ever in this place in Florida.

Argentines have favorite places, where the smell and taste transport them, as in Buenos Aires Bakery & Café and Manolo, both on Collins Avenue. There you can find the famous empanadas, crumb sandwiches and alfajores, delicacies from the native land that are lacking in such a distant point.

One of the neighborhoods that also stands out is Key Biscayne, full of porteños with specialties in the financial and entertainment industries.

Collins Avenue was named for John S. Collins, the architect who built the first bridge to connect Miami Beach. Currently this area is full of movement, both with restaurants and with nightlife and more popular bars. Some, like the following, give an Argentine air to the area:

There is something that Buenos Aires and this avenue share, the iconic pizzeria Banchero is in Miami and serves his empanadas, their specialty onion pizza and much more. In the Restaurant Gurú guide, they qualify it as “a little piece of Buenos Aires in the heart of Miami Beach. “You can’t be more porteño, even Collins Avenue looks like Corrientes Avenue”, reads one of the comments that stands out on the website.

The Banchero pizzeria in Miami
The Banchero pizzeria in MiamiInstagram

Also located on Collins Avenue, It is the favorite point of many Argentines in Miami. “It’s like being in a bakery in Argentina, same invoices, same products. You can find yerba, mate and thermos. They prepare excellent milanesa sandwiches for you. If you are close to 71st and Collins, you have to go by”, they describe it in the comments, while others invite you to visit it: “If you are Argentine and want to eat the typical Argentine bills while in Miami, you cannot stop going through the place , a typical Argentine bakery in the heart of Miami Beach”. It is also characterized by its football atmosphere, full of pictures of San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Buenos Aires Bakery & Café on Collins Avenue
Buenos Aires Bakery & Café on Collins AvenueBuenos Aires Bakery & Cafe

A few meters from the above, is the restaurant Manolo, popular for its churros. “We come to this Argentine restaurant for the desserts. Very rich. Plain and stuffed churros and French and Spanish hot chocolate. All recommended”, says one of the reviews on Trip Advisor from a visitor this year.

Some options at churros Manolo in Miami
Some options at churros Manolo in MiamiInstagram

It is a family business that brings recipes and flavors from Argentina, as well as the secrets of previous generations. There are more and more branches, including one on Collins Avenue.

Patagonia Nahuen
Patagonia Nahuen

Actually, Miami is full of spaces that emanate the culture of the South American country, such as Rincón Argentino, La Parrilla Liberty, Baires Grill, among others to feel at home.

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