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He won gold in the 110m hurdles, recording Spain’s second best time of all time and equaling Orlando Ortega’s championship record.

Carlos Tobalina bid farewell to highly competitive competition by winning the weight for the seventh time, Adel Meshaal and Esther Guerrero won five gold medals in the 1500m and Hael Sakura Bestue in the 200m, where Paul Retamal won four golds. Manu Kihera and Una Stantsev already have three each in the javelin and high altitude, as well as two from Jordan Diaz and Laura Banco in the triple and 100m hurdles. The short relays are for Real Sociedad (men) and Faxa – Playas de Castellon (women), who also win the men’s 4×400 relay, while Valencia Athletics win the women’s.

110 meters hurdles

Quique Llopis Imperial. A flawless race for his second national title. But the European runner-up went further. He broke his personal best, a new 13.09, the best Spanish record of 2024 and the second of all time after Orlando Ortega’s 13.04, which he equalled the championship record (13.09). The scale of the final is given by silver medalist Asier Martínez (13.42), European champion, world medalist and Olympic finalist. And more good news; bronze was won by 100m winner Abel Alejandro Jordán (13.55, his best 110 hurdles on the distance). To further support the future of this specialty, Daniel Castilla finished fourth with a personal best of 13.70… A Spanish under-20 record!

1500 women

Exhausted Collapsed on the blue Camilo Cano, with a smile of satisfaction mixed with fatigue, Agueda Márquez completed one of the most amazing runs in the history of the competition. He had aimed for the minimum competitiveness of 4:04.50 from the start, and his great effort was rewarded: 4:03.90 (MMT). Silver tasted like gold, although the gold medal went to Esther Guerrero (she already has five), who surpassed her at the bell to further enliven the test, which ended with a new championship record (4:02.75) and Esther’s best performance this year. (Spanish leader in 2024). Bronze went to the runner who ran faster than ever: Naima Ait Alibou, 4:09.07.

Women’s 200m

Monologue of Jaëlle Sakura Bestue, sent to Paris without fear to lower the 22.80 minimum level of competitiveness that will allow her to participate in a second Games in a row. Her faith was the faith of the packed stands, which burst into joy when she saw the clock stop at 22:73 (the European leader of the year, just one hundredth of her own championship record), as did her teammates in the 4×100 relay (and the rest of the competitors), who first tried to hug her and then celebrate their own successes: Paula Sevilla – silver (03.23, MMT) and Esther Navero – bronze (personal best, 23.06). This is the fifth gold for the student of Ricardo Dieguez, after those won in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2023.

1500 males

The championship of the brave could not be missing Javier Miron, another man who is not afraid to act as a leader. He was looking for the Olympic minimum (he already had the minimum competitiveness) and world ranking points that would bring him closer to the French capital. He didn’t survive. There was no gold either (he was second in 3:36.15). But there are performances that caress the heart, and his was one of them; there is a milero (the good kind) here for a while. Bronze went to Mario García Romo (2022 champion, today’s time of 3:36.15), who followed him the entire distance, overtook him with 150 meters to go, but saw Javier, a pure talent, come back to life and lose only for a man. who ran away a few seconds ago. WHO? Usually. Adel Mechaal (3:35.49), through whom generations and generations of new athletes pass, while continuing to win medals (he already won silver here in the 5000m): this is his fifth gold in his favorite sport.

La Nucia 2024 – 1500 m.La Nucia 2024 – 200 m.

Male weight

18.27. It was Carlos Tobalin’s sixth throw, his last as an elite athlete. He said goodbye among friends, people wearing T-shirts with his face on them and fake beards. In the fourth round he clocked 19.31, a record that would accompany his seventh Spanish title in the books. Can you think of a better goodbye? Toba’s farewell to the great (more in a personal sense than in the physical or sporting sense) was silver Miguel Gomez (19.02 for his natural heir) and bronze Andre Muller (18.70, personal best), another young man behind future. discipline will be restored as soon as the boss decides to rest. He deserved it.

Men’s triple jump

Anything that did not become a triumph for the European champion and the third world record holder of all time (18.18) Jordan Alejandro Diaz could be called a miracle rather than a surprise… and we already know that miracles happen rarely. As was logical, the 2022 national champion won easily. The first jump was 17.32. In the second, he went for 17.71. He missed the third pass and landed the fourth in 17.50. He threw away the fifth and cancelled the sixth. His head is now in Paris, where he is a great contender for Olympic gold. Silver went to regular and 2012 champion Vicente Docavo (16.36), a season record, and bronze went to Pablo Delgado’s 15.84 (in his final flight he beat the 15.83 that Ramon Adalia, also sixth, had momentarily taken the medal).

LaNusia 2024 - Weight and triple

male spear

The only Spanish javelinman to hit a dart beyond 80 metres this year (81.73), Manu Kijera (winner in 2019 and 2022), began the competition with a declaration of intent: 78.47, a distance that none of his rivals have managed to surpass until 2024. Second in the rankings (77.13) is Pablo Costas, and third is his brother Nico (76.40), the defending title holder and winner in 2016 and 2018, along with Rodrigo Iglesias (runner-up in 2023). It seems that the candidates have not rolled out the red carpet over the starting hall. But there was nothing to be done. The planned tyranny took shape round after round, and this first attempt was enough to equal Nico’s three Spanish titles. This one won silver (75.31), improving on the gold-bronze double they had already achieved in La Nucia five years ago. Bronze – 73.35 – went to Pablo.

Men’s 200m

The fourth title went to Paul Retamal in the semi-circle. The 2022 European finalist dominated a long sprint executed with determination and energy that finished in 20.57 (close to his mark of the year, 20.50), ahead of those widely considered the heavy favorites to accompany him to the final; Juan Carlos Castillo took silver with a personal best of 20.81 and Daniel Gonzalez took bronze with a personal best of 20.86.

100 meters hurdles

Fences are fences. A recurring phrase that is often considered cruel. Today it is time to apply it to one of the main favorites, Xenia Benach (2022 champion), who swallowed the fourth hurdle of her semi-final and thus, without possible consolation, sobbing over the tartan, ended her adventure in La Nucia. . Laura Banco (13.24) retained the title with the third fastest time of the year, ahead of Claudia Villante (13.26, MMT) and Mireya Lopez (13.34, personal best).

female height

Una Stancev won the gold medal trifecta with a 1.87 jump, the best of the year in Spain. His competition was flawless from 1.67 to 1.85 (he was second). He again broke the 1.87 mark, but made two zeros at 1.89 and delayed his last attempt to 1.90, which he failed to make. Two zeros at 1.85 meant that the silver, despite a late jump of 1.87 (the same as the winner), went to Celia Rifaterra, who in addition to the medal took home a new personal best. Ona Bonet, the woman who jumped the most in 2024 (1.86), a freshman under 20, took bronze (1.83).

La Nucia 2024 - Spear, hurdles, height

4 x 100 men

Javier Mariscal, Andoni Calbano, Joseba Larrauri and Daniel San Juan. 39.62, leaders of the year. These four Real Sociedad sprinters took the gold medal, dethroning the defending champions, the Faxa Playas de Castellon men (39.85), who walked away with silver. CA Fent short relay member Kami Mislata won bronze (40.11).

4 x 100 women

Fax – Playas de Castellon did not disappoint. Her team could not hide its status as the heavy favorite as it included Ona Rosell, Ana Irene Elevé and two relievers from the Spanish Athleticism senior team, Paula Sevilla and Esther Navero. These last two had problems with the substitution, but their advantage was such that they solved it without much nervousness and eventually carried the stick to the finish line in 44.05 (2024 leaders). Then came the quartet of Gruppompleo Pamplona Atlético (45.12) and Atlétismo Alcorcon (45.33).

4 x 400 male

Faxa – Playas de Castellon again won the title (3:08.15, leaders of the year) in a thrilling final in which its last attacker, Iñaki Cañal (formed together with Manu Guijarro, José Miguel Pons and Aleix Porras), was able to masterfully resist the brilliant athlete who is the pursuit of Hamza Dair, the fastest man among the silver medalists, At. Intek-Zoiti (3:08.63). Los Hospitalet At took bronze from them in the same paintings. (3:09.01) at Real Sociedad (3:09.20), penultimate post by Marco Rufo; The eight-year-old athlete drove a fantastic lap, in which he managed to finish second.

4 x 400 women

Absolute dominance of the Valencian Athletic Club with Daniela Fra, Laura Bueno, Carla Garcia and Blanca Hervas: 3:35.72 (MMP). They beat Fax – Playas de Castellon (3:37.85) and Athleticismo Pielagos (3:39.51) and surpassed Barça in the record with a victory that had eluded them since 2018.

La Nucia 2024 - Relay

The final day was an emotional moment when tribute was paid to Antonio Prieto “Taka” for all his support to Spanish athletics.


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