LoL: The most disastrous interaction that allows legal cheating

League of Legends It has hundreds of skills, runes and items that interact with each other. The high number of elements has led to players encountering very problematic bugs on many occasions that the developer has overlooked. It’s really hard to pay attention to so much detail, and there are times when a few oversights from Riot Games lead to new mechanics that players can take advantage of. Normally there is no problem with them nor can we consider them as cheats. However, the latest discovery of the community promises to be very controversial.

An interaction that allows easy cheating

Players have realized that aery can gain vision on some targets that should remain in the fog of war from an interaction with return to base. The trick is that when you use the spell, this adorable little ghost leaves us and performs an animation in which he moves to the right. during these moments can traverse terrain and offer vision of what lies on the other siderevealing enemies that should remain unnoticeable.

The cheat can only be used in certain areas of Summoner’s Rift, as Aery’s animation only allows her to pass through the thinnest walls in the game. However, his effect can be devastating to opponents and allows ambushes on enemies that we should not even see. Especially if we play from the red side, we can get too much information from the area around the baron. It may not be enough to use this rune on all champions, but those who already equip it can get a lot of use out of it.

This interaction is in a very gray area if we look at the League of Legends rules of behavior reflected in the Summoner’s Code. However, and although it is difficult to detect when a player has taken advantage of it, it is not unreasonable that Riot Games understands it as a conscious use of the bug to gain an advantage. In this case, It would not be the first time that the developer has banned thousands of players for taking advantage of a mistake.

Riot Games is preparing a complete facelift for the client and the novelty that many players will enjoy the most will come at the end of the games. Riot Games is preparing a great novelty to show us much more data and meet the needs of the League of Legends community.

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