Lose more weight while you walk with the tricks that Harvard doctors give

The idea is to return home somewhat sweaty even if you have gone for a walk.

Physical activity is a fundamental pillar for good health. If you want stay in shapethe important thing is to move and, depending on your age, opt for one type or another with two requirements:

  • Don’t assume a too high risk of injury.
  • To be easy to practice and therefore feel like doing it with some frequency.

The walking is an excellent option which meets both requirements, even though it may not seem like an exercise as such. It is and very good. Even for those who are looking to lose weight.

Three ways to lose more weight walking

Against those who consider that to lose weight you should run and not walkIt must be said that several studies suggest that both exercises can achieve the goal. In any case, it is true that running allows burn calories faster.

To balance things out a bit, now researchers at Harvard Medical School (United States) provide three good pieces of advice that can help you lose more weight if walking is your thing:

  • speed up. Walking does not mean walking around looking at shop windows. Must walk at a good pace. Researchers have found that if you increase the intensity progressively, it is more effective in testing your limits. The idea is come home a little sweaty even if you went for a walk.
  • walk uphill. We don’t expend the same energy moving our legs downhill as uphill. If you do the walk on somewhat elevated streets you increase the burning of calories by up to 13%.
  • put on weights. Basketball players put on ankle weights only to jump higher when they are taken off. That idea also works when walking. if you carry a little extra weight on the legs that makes it more difficult for you to lift them, you increase the caloric expenditure in 15%. Carrying a heavy backpack or coat, which makes walking more difficult, also helps.

Walking also helps not to gain weight

After analyzing many other studies that have been done, Harvard researchers have also found that walking has other Ways to help us maintain a proper weight.

  • Helps control the desire to eat sweets. the craving for drink chocolate in stressful situations they can be reduced simply by walking for fifteen minutes. In general, they found that people who walk often had a lower consumption of pastries and sweet snacks.
  • It acts on the genes that cause overweight. Harvard scientists analyzed 32 genes related to being overweight in more than 12,000 people. They discovered that those who walked an hour a day had achieved halve the effects of these genes.
  • Soothes joint pains. If we have problems arthritis, with severe pain in the joints, it is logical that we opt more for a sedentary lifestyle. However, several studies establish that walking reduces arthritis pain. And do about ten kilometers a week prevents the appearancesince it strengthens the muscles that protect the joints and lubricate them.

How much do you have to walk to lose weight?

A study from the University of Kalmar (Sweden) reveals that for keep a healthy weight you have to walk 10,000 steps a day and for slim down they are needed 12,000 steps. It is equivalent to about 8 kilometers. However, distance, like counting steps, is relative.

The caloric expenditure will depend on the intensity of the march, the sex or the weight of the person

When you walk you burn some 5 calories per minute. But it is difficult to determine in reality, because it depends on factors such as the intensity of the march, the physical condition of the person, if it is man or womanthe weight or the fat massamong others.

It is easy to understand that the faster you walk, the more you burn. And if you follow the advice we have given you, you multiply your caloric expenditure.

What is clear is that people who walk lose weight faster than sedentary people They just diet. And if what you want is to keep the kilos at bay, it is enough to walk between half an hour and an hour each day.

The other benefits of walking

In case you had any doubts about the virtues of getting up from your chair and starting to walk, we are going to add some of the many other health benefits that has been found.

  • Walk 21 minutes a day (2.5 kilometers a week) reduces cardiovascular risks by 30%such as heart attack and stroke.
  • improve your mood. Helps the body produce endorphins, the hormone that cheers you up. Helps clear the mind and solve problems. Several studies found that the consumption of anxiolytics and antidepressants is reduced.
  • Reduces the risk of some tumors. Physical activity in general lowers the risk of tumors, especially of breast cancer. Specific studies on walking attributed a 14% less risky.
  • Activates the immune system. In the cold months and respiratory viruses, you should not be lazy to go for a walk. People who walk for at least 20 minutes five days a week cut the number of sick days by almost half compared to people who don’t.

And we could go on, but you better get up and see for yourself.

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