Lotus Map Guide

Even the best VALORANT players need to consult the guide from time to time, as the meta of the game is constantly changing and new maps and updates keep the game going. One of the keys to going from casual player to not-so-casual player in VALORANT is map mastery. In this guide, we’ll take a look at Lotus and share our best tips and tricks for mastering this map.


Lotus Map Review

Lotus is a beautiful and serene Indian-themed map that takes place across three spike locations: A, B, and C. The three locations are connected by two revolving doors at A and C and a breakable barrier at B. There is also a quiet transition from A to the Defender spawn, which is near a waterfall and a river. The Attacker spawns in a courtyard near a lake. Lotus is favored by professional VALORANT players and is considered a well-balanced map by the community, despite the three spike locations being closer to the Defender Spawn.

This mystical metropolis is located in India on Omega Land. According to VALORANT lore, ancient lost city of lotus, or the City of Flowers, was built by a mysterious group known as the Guardians in collaboration with humanity. Home to the Multiverse Nexus, a mysterious monument that requires a counterpart in another universe to function. This place is filled with massive stone temples, intricate arches and hidden secrets. The roots and flowers that can be seen throughout serve as circuits that power ancient mechanisms that can be used during the game.

The Lotus card is currently in rotation.


Lotus Map Directions

Lotus map in VALORANT from Riot Games.
  • crushed stone

  • Small items box

  • Cubby/Squeaky

  • Tall drawer

  • Ladder

  • Door

  • tree

  • Default

  • Catch

  • Double box

  • Silent drop

  • B Main drawer

  • B Home

  • B-door

  • B Default Box

  • Site B

  • Connection

  • Link

  • B Upper

  • Platform B

  • B Nizhny

  • CT/Upper

  • CT box

  • waterfall

  • Platform

  • Kurgan C


Top Lotus Map Agents

Omen is a great pick for Lotus, as it’s one of the largest maps in VALORANT’s current rotation, and their abilities allow them to cover ground quickly. The shadow controller’s Dark Apparition ability allows him to quickly move from point to point, but his ultimate, From the Shadows, is powerful enough to decide the outcome of a game if used wisely. Teleport from one side of the map to the other, and your opponents will have a hard time effectively navigating all the nooks and crannies, giving your team a huge advantage.

German genius Killjoy is very useful in the tight turns of Lotus. Use your Nanoswarm abilities to control the choke points connecting B and C points and force the enemy to move in your direction by placing agents on the other end of the funnel. His ultimate, Block, can be very useful in a pinch, as it allows you to destroy one of the three locations and gain space and time to rotate. It’s also a great choice when your defenses are spread wide across three sites, as its abilities can be automated.

When it comes to all-out war, you want Raze on your side, and the Lotus design matches its all-out style. These tricky narrow passages are ideal for deploying a good handful of grenades to clear corners, and enemies clustered in large open spaces can be neutralized in a similar manner. He has speed and power, and Lotus needs both.

The Breach is another car that can really show off its skills in tight spaces, making it ideal for Lotus with its many twisting corridors and sharp corners. All of their offensive abilities can be used to devastating effect when enemies are gathered in choke points or headed in a certain direction, as they will be unable to dodge or counter without some forethought.


Lotus Map Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Unity is strength

The A-Zone is larger than the B- and C-Zones, and is often the site of skirmishes and daring plays. Whichever side you’re on, you can take advantage of this. Defenders will be able to use the space in the A-Zone for turrets, cannons, and general heavy defenses, while attackers will have more room to organize effective flanks and full-scale assaults. In either case, numbers are the deciding factor: push and channel the enemy toward the A-Zone if you’re ready for war, or through the narrow corridors of the B- and C-Zones for a more subtle attack focused on contact points and hidden corners.

Tip 2: The Power of Illusions

These large revolving doors can be very useful, allowing you to look around and cut out parts of the map in a pinch, but the noise they make can give away your location. If you’re playing a more stealthy game, it can be tempting to ignore these doors, but turning up the noise can throw off your opponents. Tricky!

Tip 3: Stay away from doors

Another tip about revolving doors: don’t let those heavy stone slabs ruin your efforts. Placing turrets and traps or even activating Lockdown in the area of ​​doors is a serious mistake, as they will be destroyed in an instant. Remember that you can also break down the door between A Main and A Link; You just have to look at the colors: it will change from blue to yellow to red depending on the damage taken; red means it’s about to explode.

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