Luis Alvarado pronounces on the Marinacci case, his presence in the Motagua game and the microcycle of the Sub-20


The coach of the Honduras U-20 team, Luis Alvarado, was present at Motagua’s friendly match against Real Estelí, where Ciclón Azul defeated the Nicaraguan team 1-0.

The strategist commented on the reasons for his presence at Carlos Miranda in the company of several technicians, as well as what awaits the ‘Mini H’ prior to the 2023 World Cup in Indonesia.

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In addition, he spoke of those chosen for the World Cup, where Valerio Marinacci, the Italian footballer from Lazio of Honduran origin, could be present for the contest.


His presence in the friendly Motagua – Real Estelí.
“We are mainly with the PRO license, which is the first time it has been given in Honduras. The 25 coaches that have been chosen are watching the game as part of our field work. Today we all meet in Tegucigalpa (from Saturday to Saturday) already working on a face-to-face week with the Spanish instructors who are now arriving in the country”.

What are they evaluating?
“Within the contents of the class is the analysis of the matches, the rival and the own team, so we are doing field work, where some are analyzing Real Estelí and others Motagua. This is how we are getting the homework we need to do.”

How is the preparation of the microcycle going for the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia 2023?
“For now we are monitoring all the players who are eligible, born in 2003, 2004 and 2005 from all the teams in the National League, some from the Second Division. Now we also take advantage of seeing some eligible Motagua players and so on we have been observing all the training sessions, friendly preparation matches that the clubs have had and where the U-20 players have had minutes”.

Will there be a microcycle soon?
“For now, the planning is for the players to do this mini preseason with the teams, that they can play all the friendly matches and that they are from the game at the start of the tournament, which would be ideal for us, that they can play as many of matches in this first round, for us to be able to meet as a team”.

Will there be no friendly matches with the U-20 team?
“We have friendly matches planned, some international tours, but starting in the last weeks of February or perhaps in March. Right now in January the players are 100% with the clubs”.

How many players will you have for the microcycles?
“There is always a number of 24 to 27 players, depending on the needs we have and then take out the 21 that will be chosen to go to the World Cup.

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Are you clear on the chosen ones?
“Not yet, everyone has a chance. We hope that everyone is giving the best of each one in their teams, in the end the performance in their clubs is what leads them to the selection.

Will it have Valerio Marinacci?
“It is in process, since it is an immigration issue, where he has to solve it, to be able to become a Honduran national, get his passport. It is not easy, it is not a matter of visiting an office and already having his documents. Just hoping if he manages to have those documents, he might be eligible too.”

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