LUMA Energy: 79.92% of customers do not have electricity service in Puerto Rico

While the hurricane fiona continues to move away from the region, LUMA Energy detailed today, Tuesday, that more than a million customers are still without electricity in Puerto Rico.

At 9:35 am, only 294,824 or 20.8% of subscribers had electricity, explained the director of Media and Digital Brand Strategy of the consortium, Hugo Sorrentini. 79.92% of the clients did not have electricity.

“We hope that at any moment (during the morning) we can exceed 300,000 customers with service,” Sorrentini said.

He added that among the subscribers connected to the network there are hospitals in Fajardo, Canovanas, Carolina and San Juanincluding the Medical Center.

LUMA has 1,468,223 clients.

Earlier, the director of External Security of LUMA, abner gomez, said in a radio interview (WKAQ 580 – AM) that “at any moment” the electrical service could begin to reach the communities where the system was not damaged. To questions about whether it would be in two or three days, he indicated that “it could be less.”

“There is still bad weather and that prevents the ships from leaving for safety… our people are in the street, we have not rested”assured. “Although we are going slowly in the sense of perhaps little by little raising the numbers, we are safe, and that is what we want.”

In places where there was damage, particularly in southern Puerto Rico, Gómez acknowledged that it could “take more time.”

According to him Puerto Rico Emergency Portal Service (PREPS), enabled by the Government with information on the emergency, LUMA Energy has 1,395 field workers, including guards, vegetation control personnel, substations and pilots. Gómez added that yesterday 65 additional line guards arrived from the United States.

Meanwhile, the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) increased its power generation to 424 megawatts, by adding more units from the Palo Seco, San Juan, Cambalache and Mayagüez power plants, according to PREPS.

PREPA is required to generate around 2,500 megawatts to power the entire country.

However, the director of the public corporation, Joshua Columbushas explained that, before promoting greater generation, LUMA has to check that the transmission and distribution lines are capable of receiving electricity.

In a press release, LUMA detailed yesterday, Monday, that it has 1,648 active field employees and 339 contract workers who carry out repairs or field inspections of damage.

It was specified that dispatched 151 emergency service brigades, 69 construction and maintenance brigades, 84 transmission line brigades, 20 substation brigades, 309 low-voltage brigades, 102 vegetation brigades, and five helicopter brigadeswhich flew over the island on Monday to detect if the main power transmission lines suffered any damage.

Also, Another 300 employees from the company’s parent company in the United States, Quanta Service, are expected to arrive to help with the recovery.

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