Machine Gun Kelly wears exotic earring with what appears to be Megan Fox’s blood

Machine Gun Kelly Y Megan fox they usually wear amazing outfits on red carpets and award shows. On this occasion, the eyes fell on the rapper, who at the presentation of his new movie “Taurus” wore a syringe-shaped earring with what simulates to be blood, could it be from his beloved?

Although the couple surprises with daring looks such as rhinestones, jewels, striking prints, and even coordinate the color of their clothes, the actor was also the star of the night due to the detail of the ear, which he combined with a fitted white suit.

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In a recently published photograph, together with Meganfox, the actor posed with the piece, while the actress simulates drinking the liquid.

Photo: Via official instagram @machinegunkelly

The syringe generated expectation in network users, as fans question whether the liquid inside the earring belongs to the artist, since it is not the first time that they would do such a practice, according to the magazine “People in Spanish”.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly celebrate their love by drinking blood

To ensure “eternal love” the couple drank each other’s blood, after Kelly asked for Fox’s hand, in addition, according to media reports, the engagement ring is designed with thorns to tear the actress’s finger if she tried to take it away, “And just like in any past life before this one, and like in any other life that will follow, I said yes… and then we drank each other’s blood,” the actress described on her social networks.

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On the other hand, Kelly told last year that Megan gave him a drop of blood, which he wore with a pendant when they were not together.

Therefore, it would not seem strange that in a special celebration the actor exhibited his wife’s DNA.

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