Madonna showed off how good she looks from behind in a tight garment

The 60’s are the new 30’s! The iconic queen of pop, Madonna is the proof of this saying, because at 63 years of age, she looks better than ever! Recently, on her social networks, she would give a flirtatious look at her charms from behind, revealing how good she looks.

Her skin free of imperfections, blemishes or even wrinkles, the interpreter of “Like a virgin“He remains healthy and apparently eternally young, so through his Instagram account he would like to share with his more than 18 million followers how good he looks from behind, having everything in place with a perfect silhouette.

Apart from being a pioneer in the music industry, madonna He has a great sense of fashion, he has always set a trend when it comes to clothes, so his perfect silhouette boasts it in the best clothes, usually black and the texture of leather is his essence because he has adopted this style for several years. years, being already his personality.

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In an instagram post, the queen of pop in a short video with a tremendous close up of her charms would be like raising the temperature, as she showed how perfect and preserved she looks, an hourglass silhouette, prominent beauties who were the main topic of the post.

Madonna showed off how good she looks from behind in a tight garment, photo: instagram

It can be seen at madonna on her back, placing her hands on her waist, her blonde hair loose and natural, leaning forward a little, in a short and tight short outfit that accentuated her charms, her legs wearing fishnet stockings very much in the style of the singer of 63 years old.

The eternal youth of the interpreter of “Frozen“He has aroused a lot of intrigue on the part of all his fans, because according to them it is not normal for him to look so good at that age, they have even attributed horrible acts to him that conspiracy theories tell and a lot of information that only circulates on the internet but there is no foundation as such to support it.

When in reality, the artist is more than 40 years old, she has a juicy fortune, so she has access to treatments, creams, any type of aesthetic treatment that helped her keep her skin perfect.

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