Maëva Ghennam and Greg Yega again as a couple? Reconciliation seen after flirtations with Marwa and Mélanie Orl

It’s go again ! While they are both part of the 50 reality TV stars present in the casting of FiftyMaeva Ghennam and Greg Yega would again be in full rapprochement. According to Navid Cherche, Bebew would first be in a relationship with Marwa on the set of the brand new reality TV with new rules of W9. “Our friend Greg was dating Marwa on the set of Fifty. He likes her, he is attracted to her“explains the blogger.

Greg still in love with Maeva?

But the one who was accused of having created a fake couple would, in reality, never really have forgotten his ex. “Greg is in love with Maëva in reality, he is emotionally dependent. Suddenly, outside filming, off, sometimes he cried for Maeva, but she made him understand that nothing could happen between them and that she did not want to get back together. But Greg still has Maëva under his skin“says Navid Cherche.

Bebew wins back her exes

At the same time, Paga’s best friend would also have sought a lot for his ex Mélanie Orl, who revealed his monthly salary. “It also happened that he would bother Mélanie a little bit. He made her feel a little miserable. I don’t know for what purpose: did he want to get her back or not? I don’t know, but he was going to see Mélanie“reveals the blogger.

Finally, Maëva Ghennam would have changed her mind and a return of the couple would be possible! “Maëva would have cried too and she does not close the door” he concludes.

We will therefore surely be entitled to yet another Maëva / Greg soap opera on the set of the next season of Marseille vs The Rest of the Worldwhich should start soon.

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