Mafalda from Bulgaria and Zendaya: united by a dress

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  • This is Mafalda, the great promise of pop

    When last December Zendaya attended the premiere of Spider-man: no way home in the city of Los Angeles, the look that he chose for the occasion occupied all the headlines of the moment. sheathed in one tone design naked with black Valentino sequinsthe actress dazzled at that time with an impressive spider web effect lingerie dress that turned out to be one of the most appropriate tributes to the film that she stars with her partner, Tom Holland.

    If this was the first time that we saw such an obvious reference to this well-known film on a red carpet, now there is another celebrity from the artistic world who has also taught us that the spider web effect is not only suitable for photo call nor to honor the film, but also to wear on any occasion on the asphalt.

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    The person responsible for teaching this new lesson has been the singer Mafalda from Bulgaria. The aristocrat, who is characterized by having her own very accentuated style, yesterday shared on her Instagram profile an image of her wearing one of the most unexpected designs of the year and that is most reminiscent of Zendaya’s election at the end of 2021: orn dress with a plunging neckline at the back and a spider effect.

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    Mafalda’s choice was about dress no 1221/ Maleek of the Spanish firm Paloma Wool, one of the fashion houses that has already conquered other artists such as Rosalía or Amaia and international models such as Kendall Jenner. It was a striking bet, also in a lingerie style and in a dark brown color, made of sustainable European linen with a halter neckline and a semi-open back decorated with straps that form a very striking spider web effect.


    Dress no1221 Maleek

    pigeon wool


    The daring design worn by Mafalda teaches us that the 90s have never gone out of style and also reaffirms another of the trends that are coming back in style and that we have already been able to see on other occasions, also, in the outfits from Zendaya (who is one of the most influential personalities of 2022): bare back with a plunging neckline and decorated with original elements.

    mafalda bulgaria spider dress

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    In another of the presentations attended by the American actress, this time for the Ballon D’Or in Paris, we could see how Zendaya wore a long black dress by Roberto Cavalli with an impressive open back decorated by a piece of golden jewelry that simulates a spine with two top pieces in the shape of a snake’s head. A choice that also conquered industry critics and with which it displayed originality and glamour, at the same time that it predicted one of the most promising trends to be seen today.

    If until now the bust necklines were always the protagonists of the outfits, as the one that Bella Hadid wore at the 2021 Cannes festival in the shape of a lungnow it seems that they turn 180 degrees to become part of our backs.

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