Maïwenn, director of Johnny Depp’s comeback film, is charged with assault

Three years have passed without Johnny Depp star in one movie. The reason is that, no matter how much they gave him the donostia prize in a San Sebastian Festival recently, he has been busy with a highly publicized trial: the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, from which he emerged victorious. now the actor Pirates of the Caribbean is ready to return to the movies, and has found how in Jeanne-du-Barry.

This film is directed, co-written and co-starred by Maiwennand as we learned this week he was going to be in charge of inaugurating the next cannes film festival within a month. However, and as echoed Variety, the project has been bathed in controversy even beyond the figure of Depp: Maïwenn has been denounced for assault. The claim was filed on 7 of Marchbut it has reached the media shortly after transcending that Jeanne-du-Barry It was going to be screened in Cannes.

The plaintiff is Edwy Pleneleditor-in-chief of media part. According to Plenel, in late February she was having dinner in a Paris restaurant when Maïwenn approached her table, pulled her hair and spat on her before storming off. plenary “remains traumatized by the incident”and the police investigate Maïwenn, whose legal name is Maiwenn Le Besco and before that Jeanne-du-Barry already had a warm relationship with the Croisette.

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In 2011 Maïwenn won the Jury prize for Polisseand shortly after My loveof 2015, gave him the prize of Best actress to Emmanuel Bercot. The French filmmaker had everything in her hands to rehabilitate Depp’s image, although as has been known in recent months, it is not that they understood each other very well on the set. Bernard Montielanother of the interpreters of Jeanne-du-Barry, He said that both staged various altercations. “They did not understand each other at all, they were there all day yelling at each other”.

The reasons for the attack are unknown for now. media part is a medium known for having been the spearhead of the movement MeToo in France, when collecting the testimonies of the actress adele haenel regarding the sexual harassment of the director Christopher Ruggia and also build a case against Luc Beson according to the statements of sand van roy. Besson, to be exact, is Maïwenn’s ex-partner, with whom she has a daughter.

Maïwenn, for her part, has said she refuses to embrace the MeToo movement. For now, her appointment with Cannes remains.

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