Maneuver, Confindustria: “No consideration for companies on taxation”

“The scissoring at the personal income tax rates disperses limited resources of only 8 billion, with imperceptible effects on the net income of families, especially if the cut was also financed by a copious elimination of the concessions. The solution reached does not give certainty that these benefits will be maintained in future annuities, it does not give any response to the poor and incapable, it limits the intervention on IRAP to individuals without improving the competitiveness of companies, it does not intervene in any way in favor of young people and women who have paid for this crisis more than others ”. This is Confindustria’s judgment on the agreement reached by the majority for the cut in taxation financed in the maneuver.

Errors already in the revocation of some concessions

“If we add it to the mistakes made up to now on the revocation of important concessions, such as the Patent Box and the revaluation and realignment of the asset values ​​of the company assets, and the multi-year decline in Industry 4.0 incentives, it unequivocally means not taking into account any the companies that guarantee employment and are driving the recovery ”, the industrialists point out.

The vision for the future of the country’s economy is missing

If the draft agreement between majority parties on tax matters were to be confirmed, the industrialists warn, “we would be faced with choices that arouse strong perplexity because they lack a vision for the future of our country’s economy”.

The sustainability of the public debt is a priority

“The intervention in the budget law should focus on the real priorities capable of generating stable increases in GDP, the only ones capable of guaranteeing the sustainability of our public debt and avoiding future levies on taxpayers far more onerous than the benefits that are granted today”, Confindustria underlines. Viale dell’Astronomia reiterates the request to open a discussion: “We want to hope that the Mef and the Government are fully aware of what is happening and call together the social partners as soon as possible, as requested several times”.

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