Manual for a successful assault

The drivers of the San Joaquín de Torreón route undertook a “crusade” to capture and (ultimately) stop the constant assaults of those who are the object “one shot at a time” (literally).

I met Pedro Villegas, a man with 14 years of service in public transport.

Pedro says that he is “up to the bone” of the robberies that he and his fellow travelers have been subjected to for just over a month.

Now the modus operandi of the thieves is different from “the usual”, now the thieves of no more than 20 years of age, dark-haired and tattooed get on the unit (with little passage) and instead of committing the robbery as such, first they begin to injure the drivers on the San Joaquín route, Pedro says that the last time they injured him with a pastry knife to take one hundred, 200 or at most 300 pesos.

Several things, first: It seems to me that the way of assaulting has changed dramatically, that is to say, I believe that the “correct procedure” is for the assailant to arrive with the unsuspecting person and inform him that he is being attacked, second, the assaulted (regardless of the nervousness that you will naturally experience) you must begin to deliver what the delinquent asks, third (and most importantly), never, but there must never be a verbal or physical exchange between the parties, which will allow a “successful” assault, which will which means that the thief does not have the need to attack because as such, the act would already represent a triumph, without violence.

We say it “tough and quiet”, gentlemen thieves please, do not hurt us because, I insist, there is already success as such in the act, I do not know anyone (except Gal Gadot in The Justice League) that in a start of courage, confront the criminals, so please do not bury us with pastry knives, or hit us, I consider that following these protocols, the assault would be a resounding victory.

Finally: I remain skeptical about the idea that the security authority, which already knows schedules, sections and forms of operation, has not sent undercover agents, some “square” policemen who catch thieves red-handed, who “eye of a good bucket” are young people desperate to get money (a few pesos) to support the vice.

Pedro Villegas is sure that the thieves live in the east of Torreón and offered a reward to whoever provides information to find those responsible.


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