Manuel Velasco shares an intimate moment with Anahí revealing his secret for seven years of happy marriage

Anahí with Manuel Velasco / Mexico Agency

Anahí with Manuel Velasco / Mexico Agency

Anahí continues to enjoy great popularity and affection from her followers despite the fact that several years ago she left her professional career to dedicate herself 100 percent to her family.

However, the former RBD has managed to stay close to her fans and has not been completely away from the spotlight thanks to social networks, where she shares the day-to-day life with her children Manuel and Emiliano, as well as with her husband Manuel Velasco.

In recent weeks, both the politician and the star of the artistic medium have published stories together, especially when they share exercise routines, because they both enjoy being in shape and showing off their great figure.

Precisely in one of these moments, Velasco decided to surprise the Mexican interpreter and record her in an intimate moment, when she approaches dancing and he takes her by the waist to kiss her.

After showing great affection to her husband, Anahí’s face shows surprise when she realizes that the camera is on and capturing all the details of her love life, because she does not usually share videos showing signs of affection with the politician.

However, the images have received all kinds of praise and good wishes for the couple, who have been able to consolidate their sentimental relationship after the arrival of their two children and sharing one of their passions, which is exercise.

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