Marco Melandri shock: “I took Covid voluntarily. Green Pass blackmail”

The former MotoGP rider claims he contracted the virus out of necessity: “I don’t consider the vaccine a valid alternative”

“I caught the virus because I tried to catch it, and, unlike many vaccinated people, I made a tremendous effort to get infected”. These are the shocking statements of Marco Melandri, former MotoGP rider. The statements come from an interview with, where the man from Ravenna claims not to be vaccinated and to have voluntarily contracted Covid out of “necessity”.

No vaccine

“I did it on purpose to be able to be in good standing for at least a few months and it wasn’t even easy. – explains the ex Ducati -. I had to get infected by necessity, having to work and not considering the vaccine as a valid alternative”.

Melandri then goes on to say that he is fine and asymptomatic. “Those who get the disease are much more protected afterwards. I tested positive without even realizing I had anything. My daughter didn’t even test positive. I have nothing against vaccinated people, as clearly I have nothing against unvaccinated people. against violations of freedom “.

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