Mark Zuckerberg recommends not spending money on these two objects

Mark Zuckerberg has forged an empire from scratch, building a social media-based company led by Facebook. And, with his effort, he has earned millions of millions of dollars that have made him one of the richest men.

Just like Elon Musk, Zuckerberg He is on a very low salary as the head of his own company but has a fortune of 129 billion dollars thanks to the ownership of shares of his Facebook, which, with the exception of the last few months when it changed its name to Meta, have been on the rise in recent years.

For Zuckerberg, as detailed GQThere are, yes, golden rules regarding expenses, which has allowed him to have more equity money and be prudent with that amount.

Two things you shouldn’t buy, by Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg has investments in different topics, especially in real estate. The CEO bought a 5,000-square-foot house in Palo Alto at a cost of $7 million. The price is high, but with great future projection.

Now, what is it that you don’t spend Zuckerberg?

Brand clothes: Zuckerberg keeps it simple, with jeans, sneakers, and polo shirts (or very basic suits when he needs them), and this is something others like him do. “The thing, according to some experts, is that millionaires know that clothes don’t last forever and it’s not worth spending too much on something you’re going to have to replace soon, especially when you can find really good alternatives for cheaper prices.” low”.

Expensive cars: Zuckerberg He has been seen driving Acura and Honda cars, and he is not one to spend on sports models that can cost millions. In many cases, buying an expensive car is simply to show off, so Mark prefers something more austere and unnoticed, focusing instead on safe and reliable models. He even owns a Volkswagen Golf GTI, costing around $30,000.

According to an official document released by Zuckerberg in 2013, he has a symbolic salary of a single dollar for his work as CEO of Meta (Facebook). The rest of the money is obtained from other income, such as shares or extra benefits when the company is doing well.

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