Martin Anselmi fought Juan Escobar in La Noria?


Viral information and quick response from the main character. What happened between Martin Anselmi and Juan Escobar in Cruz Azul?

The conflict could have erupted between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi.
© IMAGO / @A_EsparzaOteoThe conflict could have erupted between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi.

Cruz Azul is set to begin his journey in the 2024 Clausura tournament of Liga MX. Martin Anselmi, their new coach, has arrived with renewed ideas that raise expectations among locals and strangers. The Argentine has already shown himself to be demanding and true to his principles as a coach, leaving nothing to chance…

La Maquina Cementera have signed several players in this winter transfer market, including a central defender such as Gonzalo Piovi. This competitive arrival could cause tension as to who will be the starting center backs in an obvious line of 4.

According to the version published by Adrian Esparza Oteo in his account X, this Tuesday at the facilities of La Noria There would be a verbal confrontation between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi. But the reality is that over time, the story has become clearer thanks to social media.

What happened between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi?

According to a TUDN reporter covering the daily life of the La Noria club, the impetus for this alleged conflict could be that The Paraguayan did not intend to receive ownership insured in the Argentine’s favorite squad for the Clausura 2024 of Liga MX.

On Tuesday in La Noria there was an argument between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi. The reason was that due to internal competition, the Paraguayan’s property appears to be under threat, and this situation has irritated the captain of the car,” the journalist said on his social networks.

Tweet that revealed the conflict between Escobar and Anselmi. (@A_Esparzaoteo)

Juan Escobar’s answer

When the information began to spread online, the Paraguayan defender spoke about it through his personal Instagram account. “Where do they get completely false information?”“, the South American wrote, taking a cool approach to the situation and reassuring fans, although he later deleted the story.

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