Maryfer Centeno analyzes Amber Heard in an interview after the trial

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An interview with Amber Heard was recently broadcast, the first one after losing the trial against Johnny Depp. In this talk, the actress assured that although the jury’s decision was in favor of her ex-husband, she does not blame her and she even praised Depp for be a extraordinary actor, but did his body language convey the same as his words?

The graphologist Maryfer Centeno shared her analysis through a video that she uploaded to YouTube about the behavior that Amber Heard showed in the interview and according to the specialist, the actress’s face and her movements showed that she is angry.

“We have a woman who has a less swollen face, she was very swollen from so much stress that she had during the trial. The gestures are still angry and the tone of her voice is already decreasing as well as the speed, she is calmer”.

Maryfer Centeno explained that there are some actions of the actress that show that in addition to being angry, he is “fighting” inside himself not to say what he really wants to express.

“The mouth is still crooked, so you still have this conflict between what you know you have to say and what you want to say, like your brain doesn’t agree with what you’re telling us.”

In a part of the interview, the specialist explained that AAmber Heard is not having a good time and that his face also reflects sadness.

“As in the sentence we have an expression of sadness, he is having a very bad time. She makes a slight smile that is defiant because her eyebrow is raised and her chest, her shoulders are stiff, reflecting stress, she looks down in embarrassment.”

Something that caught the attention of the graphologist was when Amber Heard mentioned that does not blame the jury for the decision it madebut what it did cause him a bit of sadness and impotence.

“She says it with a lot of courage, she is angry and this expression is angry, there is tension in the face, Amber is very upset. She can’t believe it and she doesn’t blame the jury, but the corners of her lips turn down reflecting the sadness, nerves and helplessness that she feels”.

Finally, Maryfer Centeno explained that according to Amber’s expressions and body language, the actress feels to some extent a victim and that she showed in the interview that she is willing to defend her point of view.

“It’s a scream, he’s screaming to the world his impotence, anger and his mouth becomes wide, in a way to say that he is a fantastic actor and that he feels like a victim. Even the movements are imposing, that he has to defend his point of view until the last consequences. We have a very upset Amber Heard, but not destroyed and willing to continue fighting.


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