Master of El Pozolero de los Arellano Félix negotiates with the US

the master of The well negotiate secretly with the government of USA. Some days ago, Efrain Perez Arciniega managed to get a judge to classify reserved his file, where it can be read that the bloodthirsty drug trafficker ask to leave earlysince he served half his sentence.

The document you had access to MILLENNIUM reveals that the murderer of the Mexican military, police and prosecutors alleges that he had a “extraordinary cooperation” with the US government during the trials of members of the Arellano Félix cartel.

Efraín Pérez, who taught The well to dissolve bodies in caustic soda, states that the public nature of his file puts his safety at risk.

This happens after this newspaper published the report “Narco who taught ‘El Pozolero’ to dissolve bodies asks for compassion in the US Court”, where he revealed that after 11 years behind bars, the bloodthirsty member of the Arellano Felix cartel I wanted to get out of prison early. Efraín Pérez was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2010.

The document, now classified, indicates that both the Court and the prosecution, as well as the drug trafficker’s defense, reached an agreement to keep the document secret where he asks for mercy, assuring that if he remains public, he could be the target of retaliation.

“Under the First Amendment, the public and the press have a right of access to court proceedings and documents in a criminal case that can only be refuted if it is proven that closure is essential to preserve higher values ​​(of the case),” they explain. .

The Court adds that in the case of Pérez the norm is fulfilled: “This information could represent a threat to his security,” they say in a judicial document signed by the Judge Larry Alan Burnswhich has sentenced all the members of the Arellano cartel in a Federal Court in California.

Not only was the clemency document reserved, but also the transcript of his 2010 sentence. Efraín Pérez’s argument is that the files that are part of his proceedings They refer to a certain confidential information” and his post definitely puts him in the crosshairs.

In the document that is secret today and is dated June 26, the drug trafficker requested a reduction in his sentence, recalling his “extraordinary cooperation” with the United States government during the trials of the Arellano cartel.

Assassin of military and police

Since that day, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the judge to deny the request for clemency. And it is that for more than 20 years, Pérez ordered the assassination of informants or possible witnesses, among whom were military Y cops.

According to US government archives, the teacher of The well led an operation to dispose of the bodies of three Mexican prosecutors who were killed by members of the Arellano Félix cartel. He even confessed that his job was to “scatter” the body parts after the murders. The Ephra also admitted having dissolved in acid various bodies.

However, Efraín Pérez’s worst crime would be revealed thanks to the arrest of Santiago Meza López, known as The Pozolerowho confessed having dissolved 300 bodies in caustic soda when he was arrested in 2009 in Tijuana, Baja California.

Meza López revealed that the first cartel he worked for was the Arellano Félix cartel, where he first took care of the “offices” and the warehouses where they stored drugs, and then was taught by The Ephra a pozolear.

“Five years after coming to the organization, one day Efraín Pérez called me so that I could see an experiment, so they brought granulated soda and a bucket, so they poured the bucket of water about halfway and they added 4 kilos. of soda As they were explaining to me, they asked me to move the soda in the water to break it up and when it started to smoke they threw a beef leg that they brought. He was undoing the meat, ”he says in a statement that he gave before the then Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

The documents that the government agreed to safeguard to protect drug trafficker Efraín Párez from reprisals are: transcript of his 2010 sentence, his request for compassion and the arguments of the Prosecutor’s Office to avoid early release.

Today only the legend “This document is not available” can be read, which means that this document is not available.

While Efraín Pérez achieves a victory, he is still awaiting the final decision of Judge Larry Alan Burns on whether to release him early due to his good will to cooperate against the cartel for which he once worked, the Arellano Félix cartel.

His process in search of freedom continues and just on January 27 of this year he was granted a federal defender called Aaron Israelitewho will take the request for clemency from the drug trafficker who is trying to reduce the 25-year sentence that was imposed on him for charges related to drug trafficking.


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