“Maybe I should open an account too”

Charlie Shee and Denise Richards with their daughter Sam

Denise Richards on her daughter’s account on OnlyFans: “I wish I had had the security at 18 that she has”

Some days ago, the eldest daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards caused controversy by announcing that he had opened an account on OnlyFansa social network that allows you to monetize the videos and photos that are uploaded there and that is characterized by its sensual content for adults.

With this decision, and without intending it, Sami Sheen, 18, faced his parents again since while the protagonist of Two and a Half Men he is not at all happy with what his daughter is doing, her mother fully supports her.

In a new chapter of this story, Richards decided to make a long discharge through Instagram defending Sami vehemently. “Many negative comments on my social networks in recent days. I only have to say that I I wish I had the security that my 18 year old daughter has”, he began writing.

I can’t judge their choices either, I did Wild Things Y Playboy. Being honest, her father shouldn’t judge her either. ”, he added remembering his beginnings in the industry.

“Being able to ignore all the negativity at your age? It took me many years to achieve that and still, sometimes, it is still difficult for me. I am amazed at your ability to silence noise, because it can destroy you.”, He expressed praising the self-esteem that his daughter has.

“I recently found out about the existence of OnlyFans and the prejudice it has because women and men from the adult film industry are there. I imagine they are also on Instagram and Twitter and I wonder Is there a difference between posting a bikini photo there or on Instagram? We’ve all done it. Is it because you get paid on OnlyFans?

Is it so bad to control what happens and monetize it? Sorry, but if I could charge at my age to be seen in a bikini… Maybe I should open my own account…”, he reflected.

Lastly, he ended by questioning the morals of those who speak out against the app and who criticized Sami for joining. “Oh, and those who judge so much… It seems that they are already subscribed to an OnlyFans account. Have a great weekend,” he concluded.

On June 13, Sami Sheen posted a photo of herself in a bikini while promoted his brand new account on OnlyFans. The description read: “Click the link in my bio if you want to see more” . The same message appeared on her Twitter account, which immediately generated endless reactions among her fans and her parents.

In an interview for AND! NewsSheen made it clear that he had not approved of that decision.but since she couldn’t help it, she at least advised her daughter not to let her guard down or get carried away: “I urged her to stay elegant, creative and not sacrifice her integrity,” she continued.

The actor added that he could not do much to prevent the young woman’s new activity, since she does not “live under her roof.” “She is 18 years old now and lives with her mother” he added.

At that time, Richards responded to his ex-partner’s statements and assured during a chat with Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM that the reason why Sami decided to make content for the platform It has nothing to do with the house you live in . “All I can do as a mother is guide her and trust her judgment, but she makes her own decisions,” she said.

The actress also explained that at her house “there are certain rules” that she “enforces” compared to the “different rules” at Charlie’s residence. Also, He showed his full support for his daughter and even made a comment on the Instagram post where the young woman broke the news: “Sami, I will always support you. Love you.”

Denise Richards with her three daughters, the two teenagers she had with Sheen, and Eloise, the girl she adopted when she was single

Denise Richards with her three daughters, the two teenagers she had with Sheen, and Eloise, the girl she adopted when she was single – Credits: @Instagram

Denise Richards with her three daughters, the two teenagers she had with Sheen, and Eloise, the girl she adopted when she was single (Instagram/)

Sami’s adolescence seems not to have been easy for his parents. In September 2021, the young woman moved in with her father and made a series of videos on TikTok in which she said that while she lived with her mother she was “trapped in an abusive homeemphasizing what happened “days without eating or sleeping, very depressed and hating school” among other things.

Honestly, I have a strained relationship with her. It is very difficult. I know we’ll eventually get back to where we were, but right now, it’s tense,” Richards said at the time, adding, “Obviously, I’d love for him to live with me. He lived with me all these years.”

Today, with things calmer, Sami returned to live with her mother, who supports her unconditionally in her decisions. “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you so much mom, you have no idea how grateful I am to have you in my life.he wrote to her a few weeks ago when sharing a photo of both on Instagram.


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